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Cutepdf puts a virtual PDF printer right on your computer. To make a PDF, you just open whatever file you want, hit print, and select the Cutepdf printer.









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Software description

CutePDF is a free software program that installs right on your computer. It adds a virtual PDF printer to your system. So anytime you need to convert something to PDF, you just click print like normal and select the CutePDF printer. your file becomes a PDF document instead of printing physically. It works on all kinds of file formats – Word docs, Excel sheets, PowerPoints, webpages, images, you name it. CutePDF effortlessly converts them to clean, professional looking PDF files. It requires no confusing settings or options. Just open, print, and boom – PDF created. It really is that easy.

Document Security

CutePDF is a powerful tool to securely create and share documents with colleagues, friends and family without any worry. Its robust Document Security features provide protection against unauthorized view, edit or print activities. It encrypts PDF files using up to 256-bit encryption algorithms which makes them unreadable by unintended people. Additionally, the permission options can lock so that no one else can incorrectly modify the document content in anyway. CutePDF also keeps track of every detail for future references such as date accessed and user id etc. Therefore, it offers total security from intruders and misuse of your confidential data/information.

Password Protection

This app allows you to add password protection to any PDF you create. Just toggle the password option whenever you convert a file to PDF. Just toggle the Add Password option whenever you convert a file. CutePDF will encrypt your document and have you create a secure password. Once protected, your tax records, legal contracts, private info – anything you convert is locked up tight. The files remain totally secure until you enter your password to unlock them.

CutePDF will encrypt the document and prompt you to create a password. Once protected, your PDFs are locked up tighter than Fort Knox. The files remain completely secure until you enter your password to unlock them. It doesn’t matter if it’s tax documents, legal contracts, sensitive information, CutePDF works. Best of all, adding password security only takes seconds. No advanced technical skills needed. And CutePDF uses military-grade 256-bit AES encryption, so you know your PDFs are well protected.

Merge Multiple Files

CutePDF is a powerful tool that enables you to merge multiple files into a single PDF document. It offers an easy-to-use interface and allows users to combine Word, Excel, PowerPoint documents; and image file types such as JPEG, TIFF, PNG or BMP. Once merged together in one file, the final document can save with the same formatting for quick retrieval at any time. With just a few clicks of your mouse button all your important data is quickly combined into one efficient package. This makes it easier than ever to share information amongst colleagues and peers. The best part about CutePDF’s Merge Files feature is its flexibility .You can add another file anytime or rearrange existing files according to priority.

Batch Conversion

It is straightforward to use. you simply need to select the source directory containing all the files which you want to convert. You can specify the target format required for each file type and run the program. The output of this function is well organized in different folders depending on your settings. Hence, it allows quick access whenever needed. So, if you need to frequently process large numbers of PDFs then CutePDF can help streamline your workflow significantly. It gives greater efficiency with its sophisticated batch conversion feature.

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