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Dekaron G is the latest version of the classic online RPG series Dekaron. Users can set it in the fantasy world of Trieste which is threatened by dark forces.







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Software description

In Dekaron G, players create a character and explore the lands while going on quests and battling enemies. You can pick from three classes. Berserker is for dishing out damage, Cleric uses magic to heal and support, and Assassin excels at stealth attacks. As you journey across forests, deserts, dungeons and more, you’ll level up your character and get better equipment and skills. The gameplay really emphasizes fighting hordes of monsters and bosses. While you can play solo, it’s designed around cooperating with other players to take down challenges. In addition, Dekaron G modernizes the graphics and gameplay to make it more immersive. If you’re into classic fantasy MMOs with action combat and slaying dragons with your crew, Dekaron G delivers big time.

Mounts And Pets

Traveling across Dekaron G’s huge open world would take forever on foot. Luckily, there are tons of awesome mounts and pets to help you out. Mounts like horses, wolves, and magical beasts can get around faster. Catching and raising your own mounts is really rewarding. They gain experience and speed as you ride them more. You can eventually get epic mounts that can even fly or teleport. Pets like dogs, panthers, and mini golems offer fun combat assistance. Pets have skills that synergize with your class too. A cleric could have a pet that heals, while a berserker may have a pet that tanks hits and aggros enemies. Pets are also just cute companions Finding rare mounts and pets is exciting. Some have unique looks you won’t see often. With these special friends joining your adventures, exploring Dekaron G becomes so much more fun.

Character Growth and Customization

One of the coolest parts of Dekaron G is developing your character over time and customizing their skills and gear. When you start, your character is just a novice but eventually they’ll turn into a master adventurer. As you gain experience from quests and defeats enemies, you’ll level up and earn points to unlock new abilities with your playstyle. In addition, players can Mix up powerful skills to create unique builds. The gear system is awesome too. Defeated monsters will drop loot like weapons, armor, and accessories. It can equip the best gear to boost your stats. You can also craft your own equipment once you level up professions like blacksmithing and enchanting. In addition, with badass armor sets and mighty weapons, you’ll be ready to take on any foe. Between new skills and equipment, you have tons of options to shape your hero. Finally, Dekaron G lets you constantly progress and express yourself through customization.

Quests And Achievements

Dekaron G gives you tons of awesome quests and achievements to take on that make exploring the world feel meaningful. Quests move the story forward and have you doing major tasks like rescuing villagers, investigating ruins, fighting bosses, and more. Side quests let you help various characters with their own story arcs for extra rewards. Daily and weekly quests also give neat bonuses for regular play. Questing with friends makes it even better since you can take on harder challenges. All this questing also unlocks cool achievements when you complete certain goals, like using 1,000 skills or exploring 100 dungeons. It gives you recognition and unique loot.

Diverse Classes

One of Dekaron G’s features is the three very different classes you can pick from Berserker, Cleric, and Assassin. With the Berserker, you’ll be on the frontlines dealing heavy damage with axes and giant swords. Their skills focus on strength and savage attacks. Or you can choose Cleric and support your allies with restorative magic while dishing out elemental damage. Clerics bring the party back from the brink. Then the quick, opportunistic Assassin class is perfect with abilities like vanish and sneak attack. Each class has totally unique mechanics, abilities, and playstyles. It keeps gameplay feeling fresh. You’ll want to try multiple classes since they make you approach fights differently. Whether you want to tank hits, snipe from afar, or charm foes, Dekaron G’s classes have you covered. In addition, pick the fantasy hero that matches your playstyle.

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