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Have you ever been clearing out files in your computer only to realize you’ve deleted something important? It can be daunting trying to figure out how to restore your precious files, especially when there’s so many programs claiming they can provide this service! In this article we’ll be discussing a wonderful choice in software that can help you out if you ever find yourself in this problem.

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Windows 10 / Windows 11 / Windows 7 / Windows 8

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What is Disk Drill?

Because of its extensive feature set and extremely user-friendly interface, this program is a fantastic free file recovery application.

Users can use this software to quickly search their computers for missing, damaged, or corrupted files and view a preview of those files before beginning the recovery procedure.

Disk Drill has a wide range of scan configurations and capabilities. Rapid and deep scan options are available to search for missing, deleted, corrupted, or damaged files.

Scans can be performed on deleted or missing hard drives. The Disk Drill is capable of scanning and retrieving data from external memory devices such as flash drives and SD cards.


This software is available for download on Windows! Data scanning from various file systems is supported in the Windows version. It can also recover data from a formatted drive. Disk Drill for Windows, on the other hand, lacks forensic features. Furthermore, Disk Drill 4 for Windows users can recover up to 500MB of data for free.


Disk Drill is compatible with Mac! All recovery methods allow you to preview and recover protected data. Metadata can be used to label deleted files, and thumbnails can be used to preview them. The Mac versions also support iOS and Android data recovery. However, Deep Scan can only scan 300 file signatures, whereas the Windows version can scan 400 file signatures.


  • You’re able to recover files from external and internal hard drives, memory cards, flash drives, IPods and more
  • Using a search tool, you can quickly filter the results by name, size, and deletion date.
  • You can view the items discovered before the scan is completed.
  • Using various recovery techniques, you can perform a quick or deep scan on a partition.
  • You can pause a scan and resume it later.
  • You can save and restore the results of a deleted file search so that you don’t have to go through all of the data right away.
  • Rather than having to search through the entire hard drive, Recovery Vault is a feature that keeps track of lost data from the folders you specify and organizes it into its own section of the program.

Is this software free?

This software claims that recovering data is free for all users. Is it, however, free? No, it’s not. There are three pricing plans available for both Mac and Windows: basic, pro, and enterprise.

Basic: The basic version of this software has different recovery limitations for Windows and Mac users. Disk Drill only supports Mac users to scan and preview files for free. If you want to recover files on a Mac you have no other choice but to purchase the pro version.

However, Windows users of Disk Drill can not only free scan and preview files but recover up to 500 MB data for free on a Windows computer.

Pro: By purchasing the Pro version, you can remove the limitations of the free version and gain access to additional features.

What is the price of the pro version? According to the software website, it costs $89 for one user and up to three computers. You can also pay an additional $29 to upgrade it to a lifetime license.

Enterprise: This package is designed for business users. It can support data recovery for up to 10 devices.


Disk Drill provides file recovery services to ensure that you do not suffer from crippling data loss. It’s free to get started and simple to use and comprehend.

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