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Earth Alerts application was made available to the common man ever since the year 2005. This was a single man’s pet project. Ever since its launch, this application has undergone several noticeable enhancements. Several bugs related to the add and search location have been fixed.

Software description

There are times when you find yourself engulfed in the midst of a wrath dished out by mother nature. Certain disasters just spring out of the blue with absolutely no regard to the weather predictions by expert scientists. Fortunately, there is a promising solution that can alert us about the mysterious plans of the nature that is in store for us. Earth Alerts is one such Windows- based application that lets you track extreme weather phenomenon occurring in almost real time from anywhere in the world via a streamlined interface.

This near real time application monitors only extreme weather conditions like a hurricane, tsunami, earthquake, volcanic eruptions, wildfire and so on. Though it updates all the global weather events, it is mainly tailored to the United States of America. Each location can be viewed by the user separately by looking at high resolution results from Google Earth, radar images, maps and even news relating to the current events across the globe. This feature helps the user to learn about any catastrophe that is likely to happen well ahead of time.

Earth Alerts work on the information it uses from a range of online resources gained from organizations like the U.S. Geological Survey and the National Weather Service. Users are given access to alert notifications, images and reports of natural disasters occurring almost anywhere in the world. Once the application is downloaded, the user can enter any location of interest and enable auto update to receive visual and sound notifications either to your computer or phone. Warnings for multiple locations can be set. Earth Alerts come with a range of options right from setting the frequency of alert updates to enabling SMS notifications of changes. Clicking on an alert gives the user a detailed report of the current happenings along with links at the end of the page to websites of the Central Pacific Hurricane Center, National Hurricane Center and the Joint Typhoon Warning Center.

The Earth Alerts is a free weather monitoring application that can be extremely useful to those who live in catastrophe prone area. However, this application has a few negatives that just cannot be ignored. The city locator and the zip code pointer do not always work the same. Certain features do not allow you to enter the location of your choice and does not provide the user with the option to manually add a location of his/her choice to the existing list. This application turns on automatically when you turn on your computer or mobile device. This feature can be a plus but the downside is that there would be times when you would not be using this application and the ability to turn it off is a feature that needs to be added.

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