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FastStone Image Viewer is a great piece of software for managing and viewing your image collection. It’s fast, lightweight, and easy to use, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking for an alternative to Windows Photo Viewer or other heavy-duty photo management applications. If you’re looking for a good replacement for your current photo viewer, we recommend giving FastStone Image Viewer a try.








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Software description

The FastStone Image Viewer is a photo editing tool that supports a number of formats, like BMP, JPEG and GIF.  This image viewer is user-friendly and features several innovative functions that make cropping, resizing, and image viewing a cinch. It also has the ability to edit and correct images. With the FastStone Image Viewer, the user is in complete control. The four viewing modes allow the user to adjust for speed, quality and convenience.


  • Supports image formats
  • One click customized image magnifier
  • Support dual monitors
  • Supports image special effects like negative, grayscale, sepia, and more
  • Image management
  • Sideshow creation with music support
  • Support multiple skins
  • Ability to draw lines and text
  • Screen capture capability
  • Create artistic montages with photos, wallpapers, and more

The system is pretty simple regardless of what you are attempting to achieve with your photos. For instance, if you are simply trying to do a basic edit, the steps will guide you through the process from start to finish. The software allows users to manage, convert, edit, add effects, and anything else  you need quickly and efficiently. The quality will be impeccable, and the guide will even show you how to add music to your files.

Benefits and Disadvantages

While the viewer is considered one of the best in its class, it does have some drawbacks as well.


There are several formats associated with the batch conversion. Users will also be thrilled by the multitude of photo effects included. The selection mode feature has a lot of options for displaying photos.


The overload interface has some functionality problems. The control buttons can be a bit confusing because they are difficult to see.

Beginner Friendly

This software is beginner-friendly and very easy to follow. It comes with a user guide that will walk you through every step. The table of contents features 95 pages of directions. It covers everything from getting started to how to edit images. The guide also has many pictures and examples of how to perform certain tasks. If you are a beginner, it is advisable to thoroughly read the tutorial. It will answer all of your questions and better prepare you for properly utilizing the software.


The FastStone Image Viewer was introduced in 2004 as a 1.4 Version. Each version has additional updates that replace the old hardware/software with a newer and improved version. While it is not something that should be done because of security concerns, you may need to download the older versions if the newer one is incompatible.

The FastStone Image Viewer is equipped with many features to easily let you perform digital photo and editing tasks. The viewer has great quality and it is also reasonably priced. Take advantage of the wide range of options such as zooming, screen modes, and even the changing of backgrounds. Its versatility means very few complications and many great photo effects. Whether you are an amateur or a pro, you will find great value in this software. The many image formats also put the viewer well ahead of the pact.


FastStone Image Viewer is a lightweight, yet powerful image viewing and editing software that can handle most of your day-to-day image editing needs. The program is easy to use and has a variety of features that will make your workflow smoother. We’ve shown you how to install and use the software, as well as some of the key features that set it apart from other image viewers.

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