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FNAF Security Breach stars Gregory, a child who is locked inside pizzaplex gone awry. Assisting Gregory is series favorite Freddy Fazbear– a bear animatronic who helps Gregory by helping him solve puzzles and avoid capture by other animatronics and a night guard.

Software description

Millions of players worldwide enjoy the family-friendly horror series Five Nights at Freddy’s; now its sequel. As Gregory, you play as a young boy trapped overnight inside Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizzaplex; to escape you must fight off both classic Five Nights at Freddy’s characters as well as new, terrifying threats! To succeed you must face off against an endless hunt of terrorised Freddy Fazbear characters while trying to stay alive!

FNAF Security Breach stands out from previous installments in its franchise by offering true free-roam. This gives the player more freedom to explore Pizzaplex – a seven-story building full of animatronics – without worry that they might chase after you mercilessly. Yet this game remains challenging, with the animatronics constantly hunting after players relentlessly.

Additionally, FNAF Security Breach offers many collectible items and arcade minigames, many with guides available on its official website or additional details available in its debug menu. Furthermore, glitches exist within it which allow speedrunners to complete it within three minutes for a world record speedrun time.

FNAF Security Breach also fits seamlessly into the existing Five Nights at Freddy’s timeline, validating fan suspicions and providing more lore to the franchise. Furthermore, for the first time ever in this franchise’s history Glamrock Freddy and animatronics from Dressing Room Snap Playset are featured as antagonists; finally the final scene in this game reveals Vanny is related to William Afton (the purple man from Sister Location), with no conclusion to Vanny’s arc in this true ending yet leaving fans guessing as to her appearance in future titles or not.

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