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Free Fire MAX offers an extensive list of characters to choose from with each one bringing a unique set of abilities and skills to the battleground.

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With millions of daily users across the Android and IOS platforms, Garena Free Fire MAX is one of the most popular online battle royale games in the world. Released in 2017, this action-adventure survival shooter game has grown a loyal following with its fresh new content and crossover additions like Assassin’s Creed and Street Fighter V.

Developed by Garena – who is a well-respected Singaporean game developer – this team is responsible for bringing other popular titles to the online gaming world, such as Ring of Elysium, Call of Duty: Mobile, FIFA Online 4 and Blade & Soul.

Played from a third-person perspective and free for anyone to enjoy, Free Fire MAX is a “free for all” where you fly over a remote island and get parachuted to a remote spot of your choosing. Battling for survival against up to 49 other survivalists, you start your quest by searching for weapons, equipment, armor and other supplies to stretch out your battle life.

While you search for these life-saving resources, you must eliminate all opponents you encounter to guarantee you’re the last remaining survivor. While trying to outwit and outlast your opponents, you must try and stay inside the “safe zone.” However, the safe zone slowly starts to decrease in size as the game progresses. Each game lasts for 10 minutes, so your window for emerging as the last player standing is short.

Hide in the brush, ambush and snipe your opponents, loot your enemies or try and outsmart and outrace your opponents to an airdrop when you choose from one of several Free Fire MAX battlegrounds, including:

Bermuda- This standard map offers a tropical setting with lush grasslands that includes a factory, shipyard, residential complexes, a power plant and hangar. Bermuda remastered offers more complex terrain and layouts.

Kalahari- The layout is a large desert with shrines, a command post, a council hall and other strange places with a host of available weapons available across its many regions.

Purgatory- Separated into three regions divided by a forking river, this vast landscape features spacious battlefields and locations that include a ski lodge, golf course, a campsite and a moat house.

Easy to learn and easy to play, the Free Fire MAX download doesn’t require you to practice for hours just to navigate the different maps and find resources. Many of the over-the-top requirements you deal with on other battle royale games are not present here. The playing field is equal with each game you join, and making progress doesn’t mean spending most of your screentime learning how to find a weapon or driving a vehicle.

Free Fire MAX offers an extensive list of characters to choose from with each one bringing a unique set of abilities and skills to the battleground. Strategically using your characters skills is what gives you the edge you need to outlast your opponents. A vast weapons list includes armor-piercing machine guns, sniper rifles, flamethrowers, field knives, smoke grenades, hand cannons, plasma guns and more.

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