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Freemake Video Converter is a great tool especially for those who are new in this field. It’s easy to use options and buttons will guide you through what you should do.

Software description

Freemake Video Converter is the best of the apps that you would require in your mobile phone, laptop or any electronic device that you own. This device will really help you in reducing your boredom and stress for those who might be falling from such.

This is a well organised and structured video editing application, developed by the Ellora Asset Corporation, for the purpose of converting video formats, rip video DVDs, creating photo slides and also music visualizing. The application can also be used to burn the compatible video streams to DVD or Blu-ray discs.
Despite its name free, in case the user does not pay the required amount of money then the Freemake logo is watermarked at the centre making it useless for the user.


Video editing features. The app can perform simpler video editing tasks such as cutting the video, rotating the video or even flipping the video and combining it into one file.

Photo sliding features. Freemake Video Converter has some inbuilt features that can be used to slideshow the photos on the device when some music is playing.

Reading features. The video converter has some features that help it to read both the video, audio and the image features, and output them to the MP4 and MP3.

The converter has features that help support videos from all the android electronic devices such as the smartphones and iPhones.

You first ensure that you have your files, then pick the videos, photos or anything that you may want to convert by using the respective buttons. Choose the respective device that you want to convert, then your files that is the MP3 or any. Lastly, convert your file to the already available default.


I am very sure that if you do all this, then you will enjoy the rest of your life with nice music from the net and also make videos from your selected images. Hurry up and have one. Thank me later.

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