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To be precise, G-Lock EasyMail is an appreciated client for sending huge amount of Emails. When promoting your business, you can use this secure channel for sharing business details with lots of people. Its exciting user interface enables users to customize the Email structure for attracting more attention.








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G-Lock EasyMail7 allows for seamless integration of permission-based emailing campaigns into your day-to-day workflow. With EasyMail7, you can easily tailor suit Email drip-style campaigns at the click of a button. Say goodbye to complicated delivery processes that require hours of labor and headache. EasyMail7 won’t be replacing your current mail server or delivery service. Instead, it provides you with a single point of consolidation for either your own servers or for your email vendors.

Optimize productivity with dynamic content and flexible email scheduling. Automate the process almost completely by outsourcing your email management to third party servers like Amazon SES, Mandrill, or Send grid! With EasyMail7, you can automate your SPAM compliance. You can also get a handle on your bounces and subscriptions, as well!

In-House Powerful Marketing Management System for Windows®

With EasyMail7, you’re getting the most powerful email marketing software built for windows. In-house capabilities are built right into the box; no clunky server configurations. The software comes with both Server and Client-side applications, for easy management. You can install the software locally, on a networked Windows server, or on a cloud-based Server; Amazon EC2 or Windows Azure are great examples!

Your information is secure, thanks to EasyMail7’s 256-bit AES encryption. That’s military-grade encryption that’s working for you! Private information is tunneled and stays that way. Any hacker who wants in on your data is going to have to try 72,057,594,037,927,936 different combinations; now that’s a lot of typing.

Collaborate With Your Colleagues

Create and manage multiple users on the EasyMail7 Server. Secure tunneling for each session ensures that each user-created is isolated. Each member of your team can have their own EasyMail 7 Client instance, no piggybacking needed. This way, each user can work within the same accounts at the same time, or work within their own account; or workplace, as we call it. You can also set different permissions levels and usage limitations on each user, customizing the experience according to the role.

Powerful diagnostics help you increase conversions

Deliverability reports make sure you’re minimizing your content’s spam triggers so that you can make it to actual inboxes. Running a great campaign is tough, but it’s almost impossible to ascertain whether or not your content actually makes it to your client. Let EasyMail7 Help you with that! No more setting up dedicated testing computers and creating email accounts, and no more shelling out egregious amounts of money in order to have a 3rd party manage your spam monitoring. Test how your own messages are treated by major global ISPs and test via your own personal inboxes. Gmail integrations help you ascertain which tab it’s being sorted in on Google’s servers!

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