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Create your anime character and start your adventure in Gacha Life

Software details

Android / iphone / Windows 11

Software description

Are you ready for a fun role-playing, anime character friendly  game that you and your kids will love? Dress up your character, get gems to trade for custom gifts, and live your ultimate adventure in Gacha Life. This mobile game is found on both Apple Play and on the Google Play store sites for the full version and on the website for a lite demo game for Windows PC.  Create and control your own unique story by morphing your anime character to be whoever you want it to be. Find your fun with this immersive and fun community.

Full Game Features:

  • Create unique characters, up to 20 characters at a time
  • See the addition of all new Gachaverse items
  • Customize eyes, mouth, hair, clothes, weapons, and more
  • Stimulates a sense of community, be part of the Gachaverse
  • Safe for children, can’t talk to strangers in the game
  • Single player

Gacha Life Character Fun:

  • 8 ready made characters in the Studio
  • 12 custom character slots accessed by the main menu
  • Select a preset or create your own
  • Customize the face, hair, clothing, everything – even wings and tails!
  • Name your character with a custom name or chose to have it randomized
  • Give your character element backgrounds – like water, fire, light, etc.
  • Create a completely custom profile that shines a light on who you are and who your character is
  • Complete role-playing character that interacts with NPCs


Studio mode – allows you to enter custom text and choose from several varying backgrounds and poses for your anime character. Combine scenes together to make your own story in our Skit Maker section. A great developer section for those that want to create their own storyline.

Life mode – allows you to move your character around town to explore the different areas. Talk with NPCs and play offline so you can take your story anywhere, whether you have an internet connection or not! A great role-playing section for those that want to play daily!

Gacha Life Games:

  • There are 8 mini-games like Phantom’s Remix that you can play
  • Over 100 Gifts that are part of the Gacha collection
  • Great kid-friendly gaming
  • Free to play game
  • Easy to farm gems so little ones won’t be frustrated


  • A Lunime Inc game
  • Gacha Life Download File Size: 175.3 MB Apple, 99 MB Android
  • Apple Compatibility: iOS 8.0+ iPhone, iPadOS 8.0+ iPad, iOS 8.0+ iPod Touch, macOS 11+ Mac
  • Android Compatibility: Android 4.0+
  • Age Requirement: 9+, Fantasy Violence

So what are you waiting for? Whether you want to stay connected in an online environment, or if you’d rather download and take the fun with you in an offline mode, Gacha Life is the perfect game for you and your kids. Get started in the super fun role-playing universe of Gacha Life today and make new friends, chat with NPCs, dress up your character, and play all the exciting mini-games along the way. Get those gems and trade them in for rare collection gifts. Get your adventure today!