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Game boosting software provides you with an easier gaming experience by optimizing PC performance. This software does this by temporarily disabling certain access services and functions not needed for gaming, defragmenting system memory, etc.

Software description

Contrary to other gaming boosters, Game Fire features an accessible and user-friendly user interface to give you full control of the optimization process and an array of advanced tools that help maximize performance: disk defragmenter, settings tweaking tool and applications optimizer are just a few examples of them.

Smart PC Utilities has made a commitment to maintain Game Fire as free open source software indefinitely and has recently made several enhancements that further enhance user experience.

This update adds several exciting new features, such as a hardware temperature monitor to alert you if your hardware is overheating, as well as a revamped list of running processes to better organize them. All executable and DLL files have now been digitally signed for greater protection against malware or vulnerabilities; My Games feature has also been improved for easier management, with custom game profiles now allowing faster start times on specific games as well as automatic startup upon computer boots up; making this update one way of saving both time and effort in starting up your most beloved games!

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