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Geogebra is a visual math learning software.

Software details

Windows 10 / Windows 8

Software description

Today’s educators require new tools to help their students understand all levels of mathematics. One of these is GeoGebra. Launched in 2011, the application now hosts close to a half-million dynamic resources for teachers.

GeoGebra combines learning tools for middle and high school students as well as those in college. Among its resources are lesson plans for algebra, geometry, graphing, statistics, and calculus. Together, the platform has over one million free classroom resources in numerous languages.

These are created by its participants in an open-source environment called GeoGebra Classroom. Here, student progress can be monitored in real-time to answer questions and provide examples. All materials support the STEM education process. Thus, they offer programs related to the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

GeoGebra offers users a simple interface with easy-to-navigate tools that link to its powerful features. One of these is an authoring tool. This permits an educator to create an interactive learning program as a series of web pages. Once published, they’re available for non-commercial users on the site.

Also available for use is an exam mode. This allows students to utilize the program’s apps while taking their exams. In doing so, it also restricts access to the internet or other software. On top of this, exam mode helps block saved files or other apps on a mobile device. if it’s left before the time limit expires, an alert is sent to the instructor or monitor.

One of the tools available in exam mode is a Calculator Suite. This application features online versions of the most common calculators used in science and mathematics. This includes ones for 3D use, graphing, and scientific formulas.

On top of its original web version, the platform is available as a mobile app. It’s available for download for both Android and Apple devices. Although the design of the screens is slightly different, the application contains the same capabilities as the web version. This includes uploads of materials into the open-source library.