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GOM Audio is highly recommended for anyone who wants a simple player without many tools, however, extremely competent. GOM offers customer care through their web based form. However, Facebook forums are also available to clear doubts.

Software description

The GOM Audio is certainly an option, very simple and basic interface for Windows, when you search for a tool with which you can play music on your computer. The application is focused on playback of your favorite music without many advanced settings and options. Despite the simplicity, with the program you can also organize your music playlist and save it.

• Know the software

The program interface is minimalist, intuitive, very organized and also lets you hide the playlist during use, to make it more compact. In order to facilitate the use, it has a series of keyboard shortcuts for their functions, if you prefer this mode of access. Its operation is very simple and has many advanced settings, can be of great help for beginners, showing in your player basic commands such as play, pause, fast forward, repeat, stop, random play, and much more.

You can also use the GOM Audio to listen online radios. To upload a list with previous stations, all you need to do is to press the keyboard shortcut F11. Then, simply choose any of the available station in the list and double-click. Similarly, you can also add a radio station of your choice. This is done by clicking ‘Add Net Radio URL’ and typing the address of the station in the field available.

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