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Pastels and pistols. Open-world games have never been so stylish. Take a trip back to the 1980s with GTA Vice City







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Unlike pastel suits and pleated pants, crime never goes out of style.

At least not in Vice City.

Ten years after it was originally released on console, Rockstar Games welcomes you back to the 1980s with GTA Vice City. Despite being the sixth installment in the action-adventure series, GTA Vice City revolutionized the open-world concept. In fact, it’s considered one of the greatest video games of all time, earning Game of the Year honors from numerous publications when it was released.

And this buzz still hasn’t cooled. Below, these features are the main reasons that a GTA Vice City download is still so hot today.

Well-developed storyline

Meet Tommy Vercetti. He is the third-person protagonist who provides perspective as you navigate this criminal underworld. But don’t let his Hawaiian shirt deceive you. Voiced by the legendary Ray Liotta, he is an aspiring mob kingpin freshly released from a 15-year prison sentence. Savvy, streetsmart, and ruthless. Vice City is his (and yours) for the taking.

Players experience this through missions. Although GTA Vice City doesn’t break the mold, it does offer more complexity than previous entries. Rather than feeling like one-off fetch quests, this game builds. Everything works toward a singular goal: to help Vercetti rise to the top of the city’s underworld. It’s this progressive ladder climbing that hooks players the most.

Highly-interactive environment

Every detail of this single-player, free-roaming romp is elaborate and immersive. Vice City is all about vibes. It’s a living, breathing ecosystem inspired by real-life events in Miami. Traverse drug wars between the Cubans and Haitians. Exploit the crack epidemic. Rage out to glam metal. Players conduct missions against the backdrop of 1980s’ South Beach. Delight and degradation co-exist, whether it’s in the urban sprawl or seaside. The crime drama nostalgia underscores the entire game. Yet this sleazy tone juxtaposes the cheery, colorful coastal city. In a way, the city itself is its own character.

Newly-integrated businesses

It turns out, crime does pay. Unlike previous titles, GTA Vice City debuts a new purchasing system. Players can essentially launder their earnings through real estate and businesses. This solves a common problem from previous games: too much money without enough ways to spend it. Robbing and other illegal activies created an embarrassment of riches. Here, players can spend money on properties to earn passive income. But this also boosts a player’s prestige. You can literally see the reach and reign of your criminal enterprise on the game map.

Mobile enhancements

The mobile version of GTA Vice City adds a lot of polish to the original installment. In addition to the features listed above, it also includes the following:

  • Improved auto-aim functions make moving, aiming, and shooting much easier. While it sometimes feels easier, the enhancements eliminate some of the potential frustrations with playing on a smaller device.
  • Customized control layout is equally helpful. GTA Vice City can’t replicate the complex controls of a console game. However, personalization of the on-screen buttons makes the experience more enjoyable. MOGA Wireless Controllers can also be paired.
  • Upgraded soundtrack and saving is another way to individualize the experience. Saving to iCloud is much simpler, allowing users to switch between devices. Players can also upload songs from their own library to in-car radios. Take a joyride while rocking out to your favorite tunes.

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