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Hard drives are essential components in your computer as they store all of your important data safely. But when your hard disk fails due to hardware malfunction, it could mean the loss of vital information. Luckily, several tools exist which can assist with fixing bad sectors on a hard disk such as HDD Regenerator which was developed by Dmitriy Primochenko.

Software description

HDD Regenerator can repair hard disk drives without altering existing data. It accomplishes this task by detecting bad sectors on disk surfaces (magnetic errors) and replacing them with new valid information.

ExFAT, FAT, NTFS and other file systems can all be supported; unformatted drives can also be supported. Furthermore, hardware-agnostic support ensures compatibility with any motherboard model; additionally it has a prescan mode which quickly scans for bad sectors on any hard drive so your data can be recovered quicker than traditional scanning techniques allow.

Not like most HDD regenrator alternatives, this software also features other useful features like bootable CD/DVD or flash creation and full hard disk management similar to that provided by Windows Disk Management – creating/deleting/extending/shrinking/merging/splitting partitions, copying disk/partitions for OS migration to SSD/HDD etc. SMART issues can even be identified and addressed such as Power-On Hours, Uncorrectable Sectors count Temperature or overheating are easily diagnosed and resolved within minutes!

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