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IObit Smart Defrag refers to a tool that enables users to plan, and perform defragmentation activities on their hard disks. This aids in improving performance of drives; thus permitting quick files access.

Software description

IObit Smart Defrag refers to a free, stable as well as light disk defragmentation tool. Its main purpose is to maximize hard drive performance. According to the IObit modern disk defrag engine, and Boot Time Disk Defrag technology, the application offers not only defragmentation, but also wisely streamlines user’s files depending on usage frequency. Therefore, it accelerates disk speed for faster data access.

IObit Smart Defrag has a distinct deep analyze technology that intelligently removes junk files before defragmentation. This helps in saving more disk space for the user. In addition, the software is the first Disk Defragmenter that wholly supports different versions of Windows. That is, Windows 8,8.1, and 10 Metro Apps. Also, it functions quietly, fast, and automatically in the background, and it is a disk Defragmenter that is fit for large hard drives.

IObit Smart Defrag offers a higher file access speed; Disk fragmentation is the leading cause of slow, and unstable computer performance. In addition, the tool offers faster defragmentation technology to hard drives, and SSD through multithreading defragging. It also helps in combining free space as well as defragging large files. Through this, users are able to accelerate their hard drive for quick data access, and experience an outstanding performance. Besides, users will get to enjoy faster game starting speed, copy files in half the time and so on.

With IObit Smart Defrag, users experiences up to 100% quicker PC start-up. There are particular boot files in the system disk that the system restricts them from moving safely while windows is running. Such kind of files reduces system start-up speed. The Boot-time Defrag feature of the software will simply do this work for the users. Additionally, this helps the user to safely Defrag files on HDD. Moreover, using a feature distinct to IObit, it enables users to personalize Defrag specific files during system boost.

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