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Iriun Webcam is a computer software solution that converts your smartphone into a professional webcam on your laptop or computer.

Software description

Iriun Webcam is a program that lets you use your Android smartphone to function as a webcam to PC and Mac. If you need webcams for applications like Zoom or Skype this program lets users do this using just a smartphone. Using the software is easy and requires only a couple of steps. First, you must download this app to your mobile and the PC or Mac you intend to use. Then, ensure that each device is connected to an identical WiFi network.

Video Quality

Iriun Webcam stands out by allowing its users to select video quality. It best meets their requirements ranging from standard to high definition resolutions depending on their connection to the internet. This option gives them maximum enjoyment from using an online camera while at the same time decreasing bandwidth usage when necessary.

Iriun Webcam supports HD stream of video. It allows you to capture and transmit videos with high resolutions

as high as 1080p. This means that your videos appear sharp and clear, and it improves viewers’ experience viewers and for you. Iriun Webcam offers smooth frames rates when streaming video. The precise frame rates ensure that your viewers are captured and transmitted with a smooth flows without visible delay.


One of the most distinctive features of the Iriun Webcam is its flexibility. It works with Windows and macOS operating systems, making it available to a broad variety of users. Iriun Webcam supports a variety of video resolutions like 1080p and 720p. It provides clear output of video.

Iriun Webcam also lets you customize settings for video ,including changing brightness, contrast and saturation to enhance the experience of using webcams. With Iriun Webcam users will be able to take advantage of the simplicity by using their smartphones to function as a trusted webcam making videoconferencing more effective or live streaming communications online.

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