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With Kinemaster downloads, you have control of a full editing studio, all of it fitting in the palm of your hand.

Software description

KineMaster is a video editing app for mobile devices that offers users all of the tools needed to produce captivating videos with their mobile device. Key features of KineMaster include Chroma keying, video transitions, text overlays that can be tailored specifically for specific uses as well as real-time recording capabilities with audio tracks added for future inclusion into final productions.

KineMaster users can access all its key functions through an interface which looks nearly identical on iOS and Android platforms. Downloading for free comes with a watermark; however, there is a hack available to temporarily remove this restriction when needed. Alternatively, there is also a paid option which removes this watermark permanently as well as providing access to higher resolution limit and additional effects features.

This software enables users to import photos directly from their camera and perform various positioning operations to set them as cover photos for finished videos, making this type of video editing software stand out against its competition. Furthermore, picture in picture effects are supported allowing multiple clips behind one another and can be adjusted as needed within its frame.

KineMaster also boasts an innovative pan and zoom effect, which can add an immersive atmosphere to the final video clip. This can be especially helpful for creating travel or adventure videos or adding depth to landscapes captured in HD quality.

This software also boasts an inbuilt video stabilization feature to ensure smooth movement for any videos edited on its app. This feature is particularly important when recording with mobile phones. Furthermore, users can record audio using its built-in microphone; mono and stereo recording modes are both supported; volume can be adjusted per track as well as silence any unwanted noise sources with its Mute Button; plus they have the option of changing tempo on tracks within their playlist.

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