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For serious gamers, a game library to keep all of your games in one place with a neat appearance is a necessity. After all, no one wants to sift through all of the programs on their PC to find their favorite games. Having special software for this task is important. One popular game organizing app is LaunchBox. It comes in a free version and a premium version for paying users. We’ll discuss more about what the app is and how it works below.

Software details

Windows 10 / Windows 11

Software description

In the beginning, the intention behind Launchbox was to serve as a nice-looking, intuitive frontend to DOSbox. Over time, the app turned into software that could stand on its own. It’s grown to include special features that support PC games that work on current computers and platforms that emulate consoles.

What does Launchbox do?

This software has several main functions. First off, it can be used to organize games on your PC in a neat, attractive manner. Secondly, LaunchBox allows users to organize and filter their games through a list of factors.

This app lets users classify their games in ways that are unique to their preferences with custom status fields and custom source fields. The intuitive, individualized user experience makes this app all the more enjoyable to use.

Do I have to fill in my game information on this app?

One of the most annoying, tedious parts of organizing games on an app can be filling all of the metadata and other information into the software. Thankfully, the developers of this app understood this pain in the neck for users.

As a result, they made it so that the app automatically takes all the data from the games you are organizing and plugs it into the descriptions of them. It also takes fan art and other images from the games to make a cool background for you to see every time you open the app.

What are the downsides to LaunchBox?

This app is a great choice for users who want to have a pretty place to organize and store all of their games. It’s also a wonderful app for those who want to be able to play retro games and simulate the old school consoles that made those games fun. Still, although there’s a lot to love about this app, it’s not without its disadvantages.

One of the main complaints that a decent number of users have about the app is that it takes up a lot of RAM for storage and memory. Since this app is so good-looking and well-made, it makes sense that it takes up so much space. Still, for users with scant space on their laptop or desktop, it might be better to go with alternative software that takes up less room on a device.

Additionally, Launchbox is only free to use for certain features. If users want to use the full app, they need to pay for the paid version of the software. This can be a bother and a barrier for some users.

What is the premium version of LaunchBox?

The paid version of LaunchBox is called “BigBox.” On BigBox, users will be able to access other features that aren’t available on the free version, such as customizable themes, an interface that spans up to ten feet in size, automated gamepad usage to avoid toggling from keyboard to controller, customizable display options with custom fonts and colors, and more.

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