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Leawo iTransfer is a secure application for file transfer. It helps you create backup of important data from iOS devices on a PC. It is an easy to use tool with a wide range of functionalities. You can adjust its operations as per your convenience. It is a suitable solution for beginners and professionals alike that provides quality experience.







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Software description

Do you own a PC and an iOS device? Do you feel very limited every time you transfer files between them? Are you using iTunes but want something that can do more? Well, you’re in the right place. In using Leawo iTransfer, you can do more.

Leawo iTransfer is a supercharged file transfer tool for Windows machines and iOS devices. Think of it as an alternative for iTunes, but with more capabilities and enhanced features. Transferring files is now more comfortable and versatile than ever. Are you ready to accelerate file transfers?

Leawo iTransfer – Highlight Functions

  • Optimized file transfer between PCs and iOS mobile devices
  • Supports a wide array of files
  • iTunes free file transfer
  • Backup iOS mobile devices
  • Backward compatibility with old iOS version devices
  • Supports large files

Leawo iTransfer – All functions and capabilities

Optimized file transfer between PCs and iOS mobile devices

Unlike iTunes, there’s no need to slow down when using Leawo iTransfer. Even when you’re transferring any files regardless of their formats and sizes, its operations are highly optimized. It is developed to run smoothly even on low-end machines. Transfer speeds are accelerated by making fair use of your computer’s resources. It supports most PCs with different operating system versions and all iOS and iPadOS devices, respectively.

Supports a wide array of files

Leawo iTransfer supports all the files you throw at it. Even though Apple restricts or doesn’t make some files compatible with its mobile devices, you can still transfer through the program. Since there are countless third-party applications in the app store to open unsupported files, it’s good to hear that you are now also equipped with the right transfer tool.

iTunes free file transfer

Apple requires the use of iTunes to transfer files from its mobile devices to a Windows machine. Sometimes, it works, but also, it doesn’t. There are issues and performance slow-downs, especially when using less-powerful PCs or older versions of Windows. By going iTunes free, Leawo iTransfer can achieve a better experience in transferring files between your iOS mobile devices and your PC.

Backup iOS mobile devices

Leawo iTransfer can backup the critical data and other relevant files from your iOS devices to your PC. You don’t need to fiddle with iTunes or other applications. Leawo iTransfer integrates a backup tool to extract data from the apps and other files installed on your iOS mobile devices. The backup process only takes a couple of minutes and even less if you only have a few data on your iOS devices.

Backward compatibility with old iOS version devices

Leawo iTransfer is compatible with older iOS devices. Apple might declare an old device obsolete, but it shouldn’t stop you. Using Leawo iTransfer, it is possible to perform operations such as file and data transfer, even on devices running older versions of iOS.

Supports large files

If you’re planning to transfer files of large sizes, you should feel confident with Leawo iTransfer. Even if directories and storage devices running FAT32 only limit files transfer up to 4GB, it shouldn’t concern you. Leawo iTransfer transfers data most efficiently regardless of the size and format.

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