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Free and open-source application for setting GIFs, Videos and Webpages as your desktop wallpaper and screensaver! It is also a software design app that make our screens active as well as frisky.

Software description

Lively Wallpaper is defined as a free and open source program that facilitates setting attractive animated and interactive wallpapers on your computer. The program’s community is appreciated for its large community of users, since you will always find new animated backgrounds, and you can also contribute your own creations if you feel like adding.

The program can be put into use by downloading, and installing it on your computer. After successful installation, right click on its icon in the taskbar to access all its features. From the main tab, you easily choose some of the most popular animated and interactive backgrounds. With just a single click, you can apply them on your desktop. Furthermore, many of the wallpapers have special elements that you can personalise to give them a specific or unique touch.

Lively Wallpaper contains outstanding features. For instance, it has a high compatibility with all types of monitor setups as well as resolutions. In addition, the program functions properly in multi-monitor configurations and in ultra-wide aspect ratios, the advantage is such cases is that you will not lose quality. Additionally, the most intriguing feature of the program is that when the program is the background, let’s say when you start playing a video game, the animated background will pause and stop utilizing the resources. Through this method, performance of your computer remains constant.

Lively Wallpapers is among the best alternatives that you can find on windows to tailor your desktop and give it a really nice appearance. A number of animated and interactive backgrounds that you will find will make your computer screen attractive without doing anything funny. The software can run in computers with Windows 11 or Windows 10, and it also comes in both 32-bit and 64-bit downloads. But, it is not compatible with the previous versions of this operating system. Moreover, the app is a totally safe program, and since it’s open source anybody can access the code and make changes to it..

Despite the advantages highlighted, some individuals will still want to get rid of the app by uninstalling. Reasons for this varies from user to user. For example, an individual will want to remove the program because it is not compatible with other available applications, the program halts frequently, the program does not appeal to the user, or when the program is considered as harmful by the user or some websites, and several other issues. To uninstall the program there are three methods.

One of the methods include uninstalling it via Apps and Features or programs and Features. To begin, open the start menu and search Apps and Features. Proceed by looking for Lively Wallpaper in the list, and click on it, click on uninstall, so that you commence the uninstallation process. Another method is uninstalling it using its uninstaller.exe. Many computer programs have uninstaller.exe or uninst000.exe in their installation folders.

You begin by executing these files to start the process of uninstalling the program. Find the installation folder of Lively Wallpaper, this is mainly in the local disk under program files. Find uninstall.exe or uni000.exe. Double click on the file to start uninstalling it. Another method is Uninstalling String with Run. Begin by holding the Windows + R keys to open the run command. After that type the following uninstallation string C:\Users\VMS\AppData\Local\Programs\Lively Wallpaper\unins000.exe”

According to SaaSHub, Wallpaper engine is more popular than Lively Wallpaper, it has 2 mentions since March 2021 whole Lively Wallpaper has none. Apart from these two, there are a number of alternatives which include Rain Wallpaper, Live GIF, Walloop, DeskSpace, etc.

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