MAGIX Video Download

MAGIX Video Pro is the ideal, intuitive and powerful software solution for video production. This award winning software package for video editing, which is geared towards the specific needs of professional users, offers a unique range of powerful tools for post-production.

Software details

Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows PC

Software description

MAGIX Video Pro allows the editor to become fully immersed through a simple yet effective video editing software. The effectiveness mixed with the simplicity of this software creates more time for more projects. MAGIX Video Pro’s main goal is expediting your projects, no matter the complexity of the film design. It combines multiple actions in its 3 and 4 point-access editing tool creating a 1-click experience. This removes the hassle and allows the user to progress with ease. Concerning real-time sound mixers and audio cleaning tools, MAGIX has you covered for ultimate sound optimization.

Infusion Engine 2

With access to their new infusion engine 2, astonishingly smooth playback is now available for everyone up to 8k. Real-time video stabilization becomes natural with the HiDPI program interface, This software is available for virtually every kind of computer and now supports leading graphics card manufacturers, such as AMD, NVIDIA, and Intel.

Intuitive Start Dialog

The latest start dialog grants for easy access to the correct settings, film, and project formats much faster using a more coherent layout. This saves valuable time even before you start the revision process on your video.

Vertical Videos

The reliability of smartphones as video cameras is encroaching and MAGIX is prepared for it, permitting easy editing for vertical projects. Templates for vertical video are also now available and optimized for all social media.

Real-Time Image Optimization

MAGIX Video Pro’s new proDAD Mercalli V5 Suite recognizes the need for the stabilization of turbulent video and solves it in real-time. The optimization of video dynamics, contrast, brightness is now analyzed by the new integrated Picture Enhanzr, fully automatic, and in real-time.

High Image Quality

Video has never appeared so unblemished as full 8k Ultra HD support, AVC, and HEVC videos are now all available to be played in real-time. No more converting, no more proxy files or preview rendering. Just the tranquility that comes with the most nuanced video software. In addition, colors are visibly brighter and more contrasted with the new HDR color space. Color correction for Full HD/UHD allows you to dominate every aspect of your color space.

Color Picker

The color picker that comes with MAGIX Video Pro provides a vast color spectrum in both HSV and RGB color space. They offer a pipette function for the are the image covers along with a manual function.

Resourceful Cutting Tools

The all-new “split and trim tool” is useful for previewing and creating coarse cuts in your footage. Any gap can now be eradicated as well as this tool is specifically designed to automatically find and get rid of any gaps in your video.

NewBlue Effects Pack, Layer Masks, and more Fonts

NewBlue Filters 5 Ultimate provides 27 color filters and over 250 templates, accelerating the color grading process, a $299 value. Thirty new fonts are included creating more unique styles for certain occasions or themes. Alpha masks are now included in the video templates so the video can be expounded the way you want it to appear.