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MathType is a software that helps you create mathematical notation for papers, presentations, and more. You can either type in the equations by hand or use the built-in tools to create them quickly and easily. If you need to include math in your next project but don’t want to spend hours struggling with Microsoft Word’s equation editor, give MathType a try. It might just make your life a little easier.

Software details

mac / Windows 10 / Windows 11

Software description

Whether you’re a math teacher who wants to be able to write math equations for web posting or you’re an academic who needs to be able to type math equations properly to submit for assignments, MathType can be a great tool for you. This equation writing software is a lifesaver for academics, instructors, and business professionals in the education field. If you want to learn more about what MathType is and what it does, read on to find out more below.

What is MathType?

MathType is a software that allows users to properly write and edit mathematical formulas and equations for a  variety of uses. The software can take formulas and equations that users have written by hand and convert them correctly into digital form. It can also take these formulas and equations and ensure that they match the type formatting and overall style of the document where users want to add the math equations.

main features

The main features of this software are writing mathematical equations and formulas, converting formulas and equations that have been written out manually, and conforming the mathematical typing to the form and style of a written piece.

This software is designed to be easy and intuitive to use. For such a complex subject, simplicity and streamlined software are a must. The software makes it so that users do not need to master complicated software functions to use it. Existing basic computer skills should be enough for users to be able to access this software and accomplish their goals with it.

MathType also works on more than one platform. From Windows desktop and laptop computers to cloud-based platforms such as Google Workspace to LMS and web-based areas, this software works in multiple places to allow users flexibility.

Additionally MathType offers knowledge-based support to users. It also features webinars, documents, and videos for training new and experienced users. MathType also has features that aid in accessibility for users who need it such as text-to-speech reading. It is fully compliant with requirements for making educational software accessible to individuals with disabilities.

How much does MathType cost?

While this software does have a free trial that allows users to check out all of the features it offers, it is not free for use long-term. As of the writing of this article, this software costs $1.00 per student per year for Office Tools or LMS use for educational institutions. For an individual license, it costs just under $58 per year. Users should evaluate their budget to figure out if the need for this software justifies the cost for them.

Who can use MathType?

Anyone can technically use this software as long as they are willing to pay the price for a plan of it. Mainly, this program is designed for use by those working in academia or who are currently studying math. Still, if math is a joy, passion, hobby, or personal interest of yours, MathType still might be a great tool for you. It will allow you to type out math equations and match them with documents that you are writing.

If the features of MathType seem like something that would be useful for your professional or personal purposes, you can feel free to use it all you want.

What other languages does MathType feature?

Arabic-speaking users of this software will be pleased to know that it supports Arabic mathematical notation in the online versions of the program.