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Microsoft Authenticator is a security software for two factor authentication. The application is a product from Microsoft. The app enables password-less log ins for Microsoft accounts. It also offers an extra layer of security for third-party applications, and services.

Software description

Microsoft Authenticator is the official Microsoft application for two-factor authentication on multiple websites, and servers. This software is extremely vital since it helps in preventing your account from hackers. Your passwords can land into the hands of thieves through data mining if you make a mistake if reusing them. They can use this vital information to access other services.

With Microsoft Authenticator, you can curb this activity. They cannot access your account without keying in the code from sent from the app. The codes are already valid even in the absence of internet connection. This is because the app, and the website you want to access uses the same algorithm to produce codes randomly.

Microsoft Authenticator functions just like other apps do, such as Google Authenticator. When you enable two factor Authenticator on a particular device, you will have to scan the QR code to gain access. After this you will automatically link the app to the device. From this point, anytime you want to log in to the service, you will need to go to the application, and copy the code that shows up. The code is only valid for 30 seconds, after this time you will have to generate another one.

According to Microsoft, there are modern Microsoft Authenticator security features that are generally available. One of the features is number matching; this helps in preventing accidentally approvals, as well as security against Multifactor Authenticator attacks. Admins can ask users to key in the number on the sign-in screen when approving an MFA plea in Authenticator.

Microsoft Authenticator has additional context to approve requests. This another great way of reducing accidental approvals. This feature presents users with additional context in Authenticator notifications. With this feature, admins are able to selectively decide to activate application context. This show users the application they are logging into. They can also enable location context; this displays to the users their sign-in location depending on the IP address of their devices they are trying to logging into.

Also, within Microsoft Authenticator there are ongoing enhancements for security, and usability. The Authenticator is continually evolving to include modern security, and experience features. On iOS, the Authenticator uses App Transport Security. This helps in improving the privacy, and data integrity between Authenticator, and web services. This update is available for all, and it does not affect how you interact with your app. Besides, Android users are now able to search their accounts; the same feature is coming out soon on iOS devices.

Microsoft Authenticator works a bit different on Microsoft accounts than non-Microsoft accounts. You can use the codes from in this app to sign in without a password for your Microsoft account. In addition, you can also set it up to send you a push notification approval. It also performs a secondary check with your device’s authentication means. This can either be either fingerprint scanner, PIN, or pattern. But, on other account types such as Facebook, Google, and so on, you have to log in with your username, and password prior to adding in the code.

Microsoft Authenticator can also help users to do other things such as autofill passwords, addresses, and payment details. To enable this, launch the app, go to the appropriate tab, and save the relevant information. Furthermore, you can also keep the information to the authenticator app instead of entering it on other websites.

Microsoft Authenticator is easy to use the application if you a Microsoft account. To set up the account, you have to type your Microsoft account details in the Authenticator app. Then choose the type of the account, that is, either personal or work, or school account. The follow the instructions to complete finish setting up your account.

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