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Microsoft Editor is a closed-source AI-powered writing assistant that is accessible by different Microsoft Applications. For example Outlook, Word, and as a browser extension. It contains basics such as grammar, and spell checker.

Software details

Windows PC

Software description

Microsoft Editor refers to an intelligent, writing-assisting software for Microsoft Word, and Outlook, as well as browser extension. It is an AI-powered software that works to help users to be all-round good writers. When using editor, it underlines all issues it comes across.

Therefore, you can click on the word, or the phrase, and decide whether to apply the changes, or ignore the suggestion. Also, the app offers an Editor Score in reference to the overall document’s readability. Microsoft Editor displays the percentage on the sidebar. This percentage depends on the number, as well as type of suggestions, and the length of the document. Therefore, the higher the percentage , the cleaner the writing.

Also, the Microsoft Editor is available in more than 20 languages. Apart from its ability to read edit Word documents, it also helps with emails, and social media posts on websites such as Facebook, or LinkedIn. On the other hand, there are various factors the Editor focuses when analyzing, and scoring writing. Some of the factors are as follows: Corrections; the Editor considers this factor as the pressing, must-fix issues.

They include basic grammar, such as subject/verb agreement, use of hyphens, and capitalization. Higher level grammar, users can access this at a fee. It focuses on the indirect question application, as well as misused phrases, and others. Another factor is spelling, under this it majors on refinements; more stylistic suggestions that targets the whole document accessibility, and clarity.

However, these services are only available on the premium version. Furthermore, it goes deeper to other things like concision checks on issues like wordiness, and the excess use of conjunctions. Clarity is also another thing which points out passive voice, double negatives, word misuse, and jargon peculiar. Other things include formality, vocabulary, as well as sensitive geopolitical references.

Another important factor Microsoft Editor considers is punctuation. This refers to issues concerning proper comma utilization, and punctuating quotes. The fundamental version Editor is free for individuals with Microsoft accounts. This freemium version offers functionalities like grammar, and spellchecker. In order to get access to the premium Editor features, you have to subscribe to Microsoft 365.

Microsoft Editor has a multiple benefits to the users. One its main advantage is the speed; it offers quick, and reliable feedback on writing. The newer version of Microsoft Editor more powerful than the older version. Therefore, will not only reveal spelling, and grammar issues, but also sub-categorize feedback into two major areas, and sub-areas. Although, this functionality is only available in the premium version. It is also a perfect way of learning a out the types of errors users make while writing.

Besides, correcting errors is a robust learning tool that aids writers from different backgrounds to become better. They also become very effective when it comes to communicating. Apart from the advantages Microsoft Editor offers to its users, it still has some limitations. For instance, it can be costly to access the premium features of the of Editor. It requires a subscription to the Microsoft 365.

In addition, the application does not have some of the modern features available in the alternative editing software. Such competing software include Grammarly. It does also point out more errors in the document. Additionally, it does not offer insightful feedback on the corrections it proposes. It provides basic rules, and instructions.

You can use Microsoft Editor in these ways, in Microsoft Word for Microsoft 365. Edge, and chrome browsers. It is also available for use in word for the web, and, as well as outlook on the web. Users can therefore activate Microsoft Editor in different ways depending on where they use it.