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Microsoft Intune is a tool that makes endpoint, and security management solutions in one place. The features of this tool strengthen security in the corporate sector and reduce threats to data.

Software description

Microsoft Intune is a tool functions as an endpoint management solution in an organization. The launching of Windows Intune was in 2011 and the name change was in 2014 to Microsoft Intune. In 2017, the management and access features of this software became available in the Azure portal.

Microsoft Intune helps in the management of different devices in the organization and protects access to corporate data and applications. There is a reporting feature, as well as the compliance that reinforces the Zero Trust security model. Microsoft Intune supports the management of devices with Android, iOS, iPad OS, Linux, Mac OS, and Windows operating systems.

The user will create policies and be able to access the resources of the organization in a secure manner and also manage personal data. Also, it is easier to manage the lifecycle of applications in the devices which includes deploying, updating, and removing applications.

The company portal for Microsoft Intune has self-service features. Employees and students can use it when they need to install apps or change security details as well as reduce support calls. This software unites with mobile threat defence services to focus on endpoint security and the user can create policies that counter the threats.

An admin centre that focuses on endpoint management is easy to sign in as it only requires the device to have access to the internet. This tool works by using protocols in mobile OSes to do tasks like enrolment of devices. This helps in maintaining an inventory of devices that can access the services of the company.

Other tasks that these protocols help in are configuring devices, certificates, VPN profiles, and reporting compliance with organization standards. It achieves the zero-trust environment by working with Azure Active Directory to provide the services on access control. Integration of Microsoft Intune with other EMS suite services gives companies an opportunity to provide apps with mobile apps and data security features.

There are several benefits of using Microsoft Intune. For instance, it offers the ability for organizations to manage their devices and applications. They do this in order to protect the data of the organization. In addition, this tool helps the IT departments of organizations to provide security for the corporate’s data on any device through the features of the software.

The IT administrators can confirm whether a device is compliant with the policies of the company so that it can be able to access the organization’s data. Microsoft Intune makes the deployment of policies for apps automatic. When the policies are ready, the devices will only need internet access to receive the policies.

However, there are challenges in using Microsoft Intune, especially for organizations using Linux devices. Intune can only verify policy compliance and data security but does not provide other services for management for Linux distributions.

Microsoft Intune works with other Microsoft products that deal with endpoint management. That is, the configuration manager that allows users to access cloud-based and web-based admin features. This software combines other Microsoft products such as Windows Autopilot, endpoint analytics, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, and Windows Auto patch. To make access to devices simpler, users who enrol in Microsoft Intune can use Windows Hello for Business to replace passwords using biometrics.

This can help to counter any threats or protect against any unfriendly attacks on the organization. Whether the user of the device enrols in Intune or not, Microsoft Intune protects the data. It can also separate personal data from the company’s data by protecting the information of the company by controlling how a user can access, and share data. The challenge facing many organizations today is managing devices that access the organization’s resources, and Microsoft Intune is the solution.

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