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Microsoft Silverlight is a freemium browser plugin. It allows interactive media experiences, rich business apps, as well as captivating mobile applications to run. It also unifies media experience across various platforms.









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Microsoft Silverlight is a free browser plug in from Microsoft. This application allows interactive media experiences, rich business applications, as well as immersive mobile applications to function. It runs rich internet applications, like Adobe Flash. The target of the previous version of this software was in streaming media, however, the latest versions supports multimedia, animations, as well as graphics.

With the new mobile device modern implements of Silverlight, designers, and developers can seamlessly take existing code, assess, skills, as well as tools to deliver powerful user experiences on mobile devices. The software provides a wide reach into the mobile space. Users can locate Microsoft Silverlight in the other Browser Add-ons, as well as Plug-ins category of the Browsers section.

Just like Adobe Flash, Silverlight is an all-round development too for streaming videos, livestreams, sparkling graphics, as well as animations to devices. Nonetheless, it highly depends on Microsoft’s XAML, a text-based mark-up language for the user interface, vector graphics, and animations. It also depends on Microsoft’s .NET Framework; this enables developers to utilize any tool that supports the .NET language.

In addition, Microsoft Silverlight offers developers a away to activate rich animations through Windows dependent formats. It also reinforces Windows Media Player (WMV), Windows Media Audio (WMA), modern audio coding, MPG3, and H.264. The software supports all these services on browsers without demanding for the traditional Windows-based players. Additionally, it supports VC-1 video, however, it VC-1, and H.264 are only accessible for personal, and non-commercial purposes.

Also, Silverlight enables the loading of Extendable Mark-up Language (XML) contents. On the same note, the app can handle through a document object model (DOM) interface. The software uncovers a downloader object, which later helps in downloading content, such as media assets, scripts, and other data.

During Microsoft Silverlight’s release in 2007, it became a big success, pulling major partners such as NBC. Through it they were able to stream the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Through the aid of the this program, a good number of people were able to also stream the 2010 Winter Olympics. Similarly, Netflix utilizes the program to convey streaming video to web browsers on the PC, and Mac.

The aid of Microsoft Silverlight, the streaming service is capable of providing high quality streaming experience. Besides, it allows the users to effortlessly experiment with advancements to the adaptive streaming algorithm of the service. Furthermore, the browser plugin facilitates simplicity of the experience. Thus, enabling the user to simply click play on the Netflix website, and watch their ideal series or movies.

Although, the browser plugin has some limitations. For instance, it is necessary for the user to install the plugin before the streaming. There are also a number of security, and privacy issues in installing a web browser plugin. Moreover, not all streaming services utilizes Silverlight; this might prevent users from installing the plugin. Therefore, it is through these reasons that the familiar streaming service is losing its users to HTML5.

The application was successful during its initial stages, however this success did not last for long. There were multiple challenges that led to its struggles. One of the challenge was its competitors, and one issue after the other. According to the developers, the tools were difficult to learn, and very risky. Applications such as Flash, and JavaScript were basically more comfortable that several media outlets, and partners chose them over Microsoft Silverlight.

HTML on the other came into the market offering versatile framework, and guarantee of a wonderful future online. According to Softonic Review, Silverlight was to terminate its run in 2021 since Microsoft made it clear that its support for the project will end at that time. Therefore, there are no official updates, and the installer is not available.

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