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Microsoft Steam is a YouTube-like corporate platform that enables individuals in a company to upload, share, control, and watch videos from one single video platform. It offers a wide range of features that allows users to efficiently use video content.







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Microsoft Stream refers to a video storage, sharing, as well as collaboration platform. It is similar to an internal video platform for corporate individuals, such as a hybrid between SharePoint, initially used for documents, and a confidential version of YouTube. Stream strictly allows users with valid Microsoft 365 details to get access to add, organize, and view content in stream. Uses can start the program from the available list of apps in the Microsoft 365 launcher.

With Microsoft Stream, once the you are in, you have access to channels; they arrange the video content in Stream, and enables users to attach videos in SharePoint, Teams, as well as other Microsoft applications. To make the videos searchable according to the content, the app automatically converts the audio within each video into a usable text. This facilitates accessibility, and allow extensive search of video content.

There are two different versions of Stream. Although Microsoft have a new version, the original version is still in use. The introduction of the version was in September 2020. Microsoft have not set the expiration date of the initial version of Stream since the new version is unwinding slowly. This is because it has lengthy plan of features, and abilities under development. The company is very open when it comes to the plan, you can view it in detail on their website.

One of the most important changes in the vision of Microsoft Stream is shifting from the independent video hub that defines Stream. The company is trying to fully integrate Stream into SharePoint. And to recognize video as a content kind that is now on the same level with other content kinds within the Microsoft 365 environs. This change implies that the video content will work just like other contents for sharing, as well as collaborating in the Microsoft 365. As a result, the Stream video content will have the same governance, compliance, external sharing, permissions, and other settings as the initial SharePoint content.

There are a number of benefits of Microsoft Stream for a company, or organization. For instance, with the application, users can like, comment, or share a video on Stream. It provides magnificent storage space where users can transfer up to 100,000 videos, and up to 50 Gigabytes each. In addition, users can dictate who they want to share the video with, and arrange videos into a logical container. This is possible because Stream is under Microsoft’s security coverage. Also, it merges effectively with other Microsoft Online applications such as SharePoint, and Yammer. This enables you to directly share videos on SharePoint, or Yammer.

Another vital advantage with Microsoft Stream is that, the company’s CEO can share a welcome video from the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company on the company’s website. Hence, when a new workers joins, they have to visit the site to understand the organization’s culture, and policies. With this app you can be able to follow an individual’s Stream channels to receive updates when there is a new video.

Nevertheless, Microsoft Stream has some limitations. For example, it lacks external sharing, or viewing. The current version of Stream does not offer external sharing, or public viewing. It limits the video use to the company’s internal workforce. Organization requires to provide external access to investors, partners, customers, and third-party contributors. This option is unavailable in the app due to the fact that it allows only internal content sharing, and viewing. The newer version has a solution to this problem. Another issue is that arranging, and searching for the content is difficult when it comes to huge quantities of videos.

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