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Money Robot Submitter – SEO Software helps with improving the ranking of websites. It provides efficient assistance to website owners and digital marketers. It is a licensed tool available with free evaluation period of 7 days. It is a Windows based application developed by Softtechsrl. It combines various tools and options that can benefit the growth of business. Link building, article spinning, backlink monitoring, automatic captcha solving and other similar features can improve ranking of websites.









Software description

It is a norm in this day and age that companies or any institutions to have an official website. The website serves as the gateway to their physical offices or stores. However, with billions of websites in competition, having your website end up at the pinnacle of a search engine is kind of an uphill battle, so to speak. That’s where Money Robot Submitter comes in, a helping hand, if you will, in times of great trial in virtual world. Money Robot Submitter has helped thousands of websites to reach its goal, end up at the top on a search engine like Google.

Money Robot Submitter is a powerful link-building software that SEO companies use in helping their client’s web page rise up to the top of a search engine. The software is also being utilized by the media companies serving as an automated manager for their blogs, distributing and publishing their contents on a daily basis to countless websites online. Big corporations are also employing the services of Money Robot Submitter in their SEO campaigns by publishing their company’s press releases and news.

The powerful software can support unlimited platforms. To name a few: RSS, Press Releases, Wiki Articles, Social Networking Posts, Web Directories, Forums, and many more.


Easy to use with automatic features. You don’t need to have in-depth knowledge in software.

SEO/Link Building

You can build unlimited number of links and tremendously grow traffic to your website. The submission of links is completely automated.

Submission Speed

Having the Money Robot Submitter software is like having hundreds of employees working for your website ranking.

Submission Process

With automated creation of accounts, no pressing of buttons is needed. All the email activation is done automatically.


Simulating real human task on the internet, the artificial intelligence uses browsers such as Chrome and Firefox to bypass any detection by the mechanism of robot detection.


Money Robot Submitter has numerous server resources in the web crawling, searching for websites that can provide quality backlinks and you will be able to to submit contents automatically.

Customer Support

Free and readily available.


Automatic solving of captcha.

Article Rewriting/Spinning

Money Robot Submitter has a spinner and rewriter feature that automatically turns your article into hundreds of versions.

Money Back

You can use the free 7-day trial to check out the software. It also offers a 7-day money back guarantee.

Money Robot Submitter is highly recommended especially if you are running an SEO business online. It is a truly powerful software that can provide tremendous boost to your business and website as well. While earning the bucks, you also help other people reach their goal with regard to their website. Without the Money Robot Submitter, I would say that the chances of a website reaching the top is somewhat little to none. With the advent of powerful software like the Money Robot Submitter, the competition just got more intense in the virtual universe. Are you ready for the challenges that lie ahead for your website? You know what to do, Money Robot Submitter is just around the corner.

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