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MX Player is excellent in the media player market. The accelerating system and its other user-friendly and outstanding features make it a better option compared to other video playing apps.

Software description

MX Player is an Indian Video player app developed by MX Media and Entertainment Ple Ltd. It is a downloadable app where people can consume a variety of content. It has a collection of video codecs that enables viewing of clips with different formats. As a result, it has gained popularity over other streaming apps on the Google Play store. It contains premium content of over 150,000 hours in over 11 local languages. The video player app is one destination for the best music videos, TV shows, movies, and web series. It has special features like Gesture controls, Subtitles, and Multi-core decoding that help customize viewing experiences.

The MX player has a collection of gesture controls as one of its special features. Additionally, the app makes manual shortcuts easier by giving practical options for almost everything one might want to do. For example, swiping downward on the right side to adjust volume. To adjust brightness, one swipes downwards on the left. To rewind or fast-forward, you swipe right or left.

MX Player also contains the editing and uploading of subtitles feature making it the best movie player. There are different types of fonts, colors, and sizes of fonts to choose from to make it more appealing. In addition, the player supports different file formats making it possible to view older clip versions.

Unlike most streaming apps from the Google Play store, MX Player also has multiple decoding Android nuclei. This gives it a higher quality performance to users compared to other apps with only one Android nucleus. Lastly, the app has the best adjustable zoom levels feature compared to other video players. This function makes it the most preferred option for viewing CCTV footages on phones. Adjusting zoom levels, it does this by swiping and pinching on the screen hence zooming in and out.

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