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Having a video player with useful features is very important. Yet, the simplicity of use should remain a priority. This is what this popular Android MX video player provides you with. You’re more than likely guaranteed value for your money and multiple codec support on its smooth interface. These are the 5 main features that make this video player a popular choice in the market.

Feature Highlights MX Player

1. Hardware acceleration

Improve the battery, responsiveness, and performance of your MX player by offloading certain functions from your CPU to any specialized hardware. You can manage your tasks more efficiently. This is how you can maximize faster processing times. Since it can be applied to multiple videos when you utilize the updated HW+ decoder, you can enjoy longer lasting battery life from your player.

2. Zoom and Pan

The great thing about this feature is that it offers you more convenience. You don’t have to fiddle for the zoom function button while you’re watching your favorite show. Simply pinch your screen to zoom. Or, you can swipe across your screen. This zoom feature isn’t limited to the pinching action. You also get the zoom and pan option. You don’t have to interrupt your watching so that you can observe other details better.

3. Multi Core Decoding

MX Player is the first of its kind android video player. The fact is that it supports a number of functions. One of them is the multi core decoding feature. This can be attributed to the phenomenal hardware acceleration that enables multiple functions at once. As a dual core device, you should expect that its performance has been enhanced by up to an estimated 70% when you compare it to your single-core devices out there. This feature ultimately makes this video player one to rave about.

4. Advanced Kids Lock

A highly effective parental lock app for your kids is very crucial. Fortunately, the developers of MX player understand the value of this for you as a parent or guardian. You no longer have to worry about effectively limiting the amount of screen time that your kids have. When you install the required plug in, you can keep the kids entertained without worrying about what they discover in your phone. This is the future of what adult supervision is likely to look like.

5. Subtitle Download and Gestures

Watching your favorite shows that require you to read subtitles has become much easier. With android’s leading video player, you can simply use the MX player download option yo get the subtitles that you need. There are various language options for you to choose from. Plus, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. Additionally, you have access to the most innovative subtitle gestures that you can find. Not only can you change the size of your text while watching, but you can also scroll through your text. This means that you can go back or forward. And even move your text up and down without stopping what you’re watching.

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