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Notepad++ is a versatile and very powerful text editor that you can use to write programming codes of different languages including JavaScript, Html, and CSS.

Software details

Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8

Software description

Developers or text editors might be aware of the existing ‘Notepad+’, which is being used by Wikipedia for text and source editing and managing reasons. Technical communicators are quite fascinated by the ‘++’ added after the word ‘Notepad’.  Notepad can be described as a powerful and quite versatile source code editor. Now people don’t use the default Notepad editor provided by Windows, as Notepad++ is a better option. Don’t be amazed when it loads quickly, as it is a totally lightweight application.

Why Notepad++?

You must be familiar with the Notepad application present in the Windows, which is handy, but not suitable for professional users. Notepad++ is something you need for a professional job. It is the basic source code editor, which comes with extensive features to handle text editing jobs. This is the reason that advanced users never prefer using the Notepad and use Notepad++ instead.

What is the Deal About?

  • Easy reading – No problem if the text is too small to read or to pay concentration towards. You don’t even need to change the font size, as now Notepad++ offers zooming in and out feature. One major problem of the developers has been solved here.
  • Know when the files are modified – Modified files are easily detected by Notepad++, as it keeps a record of the files being modified. All of the advanced text editors provide this option. When the changes are detected, your software guides you to overwrite changes or reload source file.
  • Numbering – The basic version Notepad does not have any sort of line numbering option. Notepad++ has this useful feature, which makes it easier for you to locate files for configuration or editing.
  • Flexible – Yeah, it’s quite flexible application, which is free and allows you to make any sort of changes freely. You can give your development efforts a fair boost by making use of this open nature facility.
  • Managing – Now, you can easily edit the configuration files with the search and replace option. Just imagine you are able to locate multiple items at the same time and can replace them with the desired items.
  • Highlighting – What we want to talk about here is the syntax highlighting. It’s a handy feature for viewing source code and managing a quick edit session.

Is There any Issue?

Regular or advanced users have never experienced any issues related to the basic or complex functions of Notepad++. No major problem has ever been reported. Most of the options are difficult for a beginner to understand and make use of. You might need different plugins in order to make use of its diverse functions.

The Final Statement

Personally, I recommend Notepad++ for all the positive reasons; you came across in this review. It carries rich features, is easy to use and is a free text editor. You can open heavy text files without any loading issues.  You can use it the way you like; it can serve as a programmer’s tool or a writer’s word processor.

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