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Notepad++ is a versatile and very powerful text editor that you can use to write programming codes of different languages including JavaScript, Html, and CSS.








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Software description

Notepad++ is a software that was designed as an enhanced version of Notepad, one of Microsoft’s. native-programs. Some of the essential features of Notepad++ include supporting over fifty programming languages, allowing syntax folding and highlighting, zooming in and out of user interface, auto-save, line- bookmarking, tabbed- editing that allows users to open multiple files in one window, simultaneous code editing, supporting of plugins and macros, searching of regular expressions, synchronized views, and edits.

Notepad++ has been made to support so many different languages. In fact, it supports about 27 different languages used in programming. Some of this languages include C, Java, HTML, C++, C#, PHP, Pascal, Lua, ASP, SOL, SQL, JSON, Ruby, Lisp, Scheme, BATCH file, CSS among others. Whichever language you want to use the possibility is Notepad++ has it available.

Available Plug-ins

Notepad++ comes with plug-ins which can be very useful especially to someone with more skill and knows how to handle them. With the software, you have a startup option to load some plugins from AppData. This could be both a good thing and a bad thing depending on your experience. If unable to manage the plugins properly you could experience some security issues against your computer. This is why it’s advisable to avoid the startup option unless you are familiar with it and able to work with it.

Improved text editing experience

Other than the fact that there are different programming languages available, Notepad++ makes using it a good experience. It is able to auto-save test so your data will never get lost in case of any interruption. It’s also able to find and replace strings of texts that have regular expression. Moreover, the software is able to simultaneously edit the text to make your work easier. For better referencing, you are able to bookmark lines. As if there are not enough tools to make your work easier the software can split screens and sync the scroll of the two screens.

There are so many other tools that are available with this software. Notepad++ also supports synchronized edits and views, syntax highlighting and folding, WYSIWYG for when you are color printing, regular expression search and much more. It the perfect tool for any Microsoft Windows user who wants to do programming. If by any chance you feel there is a language that has not been included, the support team encourages you to point it out for them to work on it.

Even with all these features, Notepad++ is available for free. You can download it from several websites without costing you a thing. It is simple to use with a clear self-elaborated interface that makes coding even more enjoyable. It’s compatible with any Microsoft Windows operating system with Windows 8 and above. Even the earlier versions such as Windows 10 and 11 are compatible as well with this software. It is everything you need for text editing as well as source code editing.

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