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In a world where your gaming community is your community, your choice of gaming platform can define you. The types of games you play is what entertains you, but the people you play those games with, and the way you connect and share your games with those people is what makes gaming what it is. With a vast library of PC gaming options, the Origin Platform from Electronic Arts – a company that has been at the forefront of PC games for decades – is not only a place to find the games you love, but a place to connect with your community to play those games.

The Origin Platform enables you to play the PC games that you love to play while connecting to your friends (and foes) via an online platform that was designed specifically for gamers like you. Whether you are looking for the next great RPG or sports phenom, the number of options available to download and play using EA Play or Pro will give you options to explore. And with the built-in community that enables text and voice communication with your friends and EA gamers around the world, gaming becomes more than entertainment. It becomes a way to share what you enjoy with those you enjoy.

With interactive menus and searches, finding games you love or something new to try is easy. Downloading those games is fast and secure, and cloud backups ensure you will not lose your progress, even when you play offline. And the single gaming library means that your PC games can be found in one place, regardless of where you purchased them.

As any serious gamer knows, the game itself is only part of gaming. PC gaming has come a long way from 8-bits and a 56k modem. Now, with 3D graphics and gig-speed internet connections, gaming with friends has become a key facet of 21st century life. The Origin Platform provides gamers with the capability to share their gaming experience with others, including Twitch streaming.

EA Play members are rewarded with great new content, including access to new games and content. And with 10% off EA purchases made on the Origin platform, Play members can get more. But if that is not enough, become a Pro member to gain access to enhanced in-game rewards and premium new titles. And since technical problems are unwelcome at any gaming session, EA’s pro tech support is available to ensure seamless game play all weekend long.

You have built your gaming library and your gaming community. It is a part of who you are, a part of what makes your down-time your best time. Why not take advantage of the possibilities that PC gaming now offers, both in terms of game options and community sharing. Be on top of your game with access to new and exclusive content from EA, and share it all with your friends, wherever they are.

Downloading the Origin client is only the first step. It is what you do from there that will define your role in the gaming community.

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