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PCDJ DEX is a professional application developed for mixing audio and videos on a PC. You can import files from different sources and maintain playlists of songs and karaoke singers. It maintains the quality of song by locking pitch modification while enabling speed adjustment. It is the ultimate solution for disk jockeys that is compatible with various audio and video formats.

Software description

PCDJ DEX is a Windows application through which both professionals and beginners can mix music and audio. It is a free tool that can be easily downloaded on computers running on 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 editions. However, it is closed automatically after 20 minutes and must be restarted. Its full version must be purchased in order to unlock all functionalities. It is preferred by disk jockeys due to the advanced interface and various functions.

PCDJ DEX maintains a database where you can store a large number of audio files, music, videos and songs. This database is helpful when the user wants to mix multiple songs or host karaoke. Keeping a list saves you from the effort of browsing through system memory every time a music file is required. Instead you can consult the database to load it with ease. The files can be sorted on the basis of their type for classification.

The software lets you create multiple types of playlists. These playlists enable disk jockeys to establish individual playlists for different purposes. The playlists can be used for playing music or karaoke at different events. The users need not to search and save files every time they need to host an event. Special lists, User lists and playlist categories help you organize different types of files. Pulselocker provides access to more than 44 million offline songs without an internet connection.

User Interface:
PCDJ DEX contains a comprehensive interface which seems complex at the first sight. However, it is feature- rich and lets you open multiple files at a time. It is quite similar to turntable which is commonly used by DJs. It also displays two digital media players and all those players can run content at the same time. Loop, echo, delay, reverb, phaser, flanger and autopan functions provide advanced capabilities. Files can be selected easily by using drag and drop facility.

Media Player:
Its built-in media player allows users to switch between music files using rewind, skip and cue point options. Functions like Gain, Hi, Mid, Low, Filter and Load operations assist in audio mixing. Each track contains a tag that displays its information. The media player sets a default master deck and allows you to match and sync all decks with the master deck. You can add files to media player from time-coded vinylCD in relative mode or analog mode.

PCDJ DEX Features:
You can easily mix audio and video via 2-deck or 3-deck interfaces. The built-in player can play files while new sounds can be generated using multiple effects. Customized messages can be overlapped for informing clients. A large variety of DJ controls is available with a series of tutorials for understanding their purpose.

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