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PCDJ Karaoki is a versatile application that can be used at Karaoke shows, home events and parties. Its GUI can be customized according to requirements. The support for wide range of file formats increases its advantages. Though it is a professional tool, yet new users can understand it with the help of video tutorials and detailed help section.

Software description

PCDJ Karaoki is a leading software package designed for hosting modern karaoke shows. Karaoki is superb for both professional Karaoke Jockeys and venues, as well as amateur karaoke fans with a strong love for karaoke. PCDJ Karaoki includes an advanced automatic list of singer rotations, different modes, next singer screen, settings, the artist and track history, key control, a news ticker, song and lyric book printing capabilities, a ambient jukebox background music function, a selection of two inbuilt song stores as well as a subscription to Karaoke Cloud Pro support, plus many more features which are designed to optimise the ease of your KJ job.

Host karaoke shows faster and easier, with this all in one karaoke package.

Key Features of PCDJ Karaoki:

1. Karaoki supports all standard karaoke files (MP3+G and zipped MP3+G, WAV+G (not zipped) as well as MP4 and most video files formats). Note proper codecs need to be installed.

2. Tempo (without key change) and Key Stepping adjusting for in-the-moment controlling. Pre-adjusted key on rotation is also a supported function.

3. Support for karaoke library in your Browser, with optional subscription to Karaoke Cloud Pro.

4. Robust Singer Rotation List, with various additional options, to manage the rotation of singers on your behalf, regardless of numbers of singers. Works for Solo Artist as well as over 30 different singers!

5. Track Library search function to rapidly find singer’s song choices

6. Background Music Player for automatic music to fill in between the singers and sets of karaoke

7. History both for Singer and for Song allows Karaoki to automatically store every singer and their song request history – including which preferred key they sing in, if applicable

8. You can preview the lyrics on the screen, on your personal computer screen and output lyrics to send to a secondary screen for singers to view

9. PCDJ Karaoki supports SongbookDB (as well as other) remote request plugin. This allows singers to view your song book from any phone or device and make song requests. Save paper by not having to print song books!

License note: Karaoki can be activated on up to 3 different Windows computers.

Transport Controls

PCDJ Karaoki offers a transport control area feature, which emulates hardware-based karaoke CDG players. This makes the interface easier to navigate. Play, pause, fade out, key control (with up to ¼ semitone step precision), key-independent tempo control, secondary screen output, and volume and mute controls are shown in a clear section of the display.

Advanced Automatic Singer Rotation

PCDJ Karaoki does the difficult job of managing singer rotation for you. Fully adjustable and with capability for saving karaoke show details for venues or events.

Singer Data Screen

The Singer Data screen is the portal from which signer data such as the order of songs, previously sung songs and history can be accessed and modified. Add new songs or put a singer on a break, or type in their contact details.

With the additional Robust Karaoke Browser and Karaoke File Management features, along with the included background music player, PCDJ Karaoki is the all-in-one Karaok

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