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Phoenix OS is an Android-oriented operating system created for desktops users that provides PC-like interface, multitasking support and supports almost all Android apps.

Software details

Windows 11 / Windows PC

Software description

Phoenix OS is a pioneer OS which enlarges Android functionality for PC and laptop. It offers a traditional desktop interface with start menu and taskbar.

In addition, Phoenix OS increases efficiency with things like resizable multi-window support. This offers users ability to use multiple applications at the same time, like the traditional PC.

In addition, it supports input methods that are common in desktop environments such as keyboards and mice. This support largely enhances navigation and control in comparison with inputs made through touchscreen.

Also, it supports to run Android apps smoothly on powerful hardware. This results in improved mobile applications performance and usability.

Moving on to technical specifications, Phoenix OS needs an Intel x86 processor. It can be installed on a hard drive and run with the existing operating system.

On the other hand, Phoenix OS is not compatible with all Android apps. The performance can vary from one application to another.

Finally, Phoenix OS is free. It provides a working answer to those who want to combine the flexibility of Android with the functionality of a PC.