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Pichon from Icons8 is an advanced software application that assists designers and developers looking for an easy icon integration experience.

Software description

It Boosts over 130,000 icons ranging from simple designs to complex illustrations. Pichon provides solutions in various categories ,including PNG, SVG, EPS ,and icon font formats. It offers designers and developers alike a smooth icon integration journey. With an extensive icon library, intuitive interface and icon collection. Pichon streamlines finding, selecting and implementing high-quality icons into various creative projects. At the same time, offering over 130,000 icons available from which designers and developers. You can choose and implement high-quality icons into creative projects seamlessly compared with any other means possible before.

Extensive Icon Library

Pichon offers an expansive library of over 130,000 designed icons spanning multiple categories, styles and topics. It ensures that designers and developers find the icons needed for every task. Pichon provides icons to develop websites, presentations, mobile applications and software creation. Its intuitive search function makes finding just the right icon easy. Users can search by inputting keywords or tags and browsing categories and styles through an easy, user-friendly interface. The filtering options enable advanced users to narrow results further – helping designers locate an icon that fulfills their design requirements. The vast library of icons and the intuitive search abilities make Pichon a popular resource. It saves designers and developers time and energy by offering them an extensive range of icons available within their reach.

Customization and Integration Options

Pichon offers powerful tools which enable users to modify icons according to their specific design requirements. Users can change the size, color , and other aspects of icons from within the program to ensure seamless integration into projects. It helps maintain visual consistency. In addition, Pichon supports numerous file formats – PNG, SVG EPS icon fonts. It gives designers and developers flexible integration solutions when working across operating systems.

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