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SecureCRT is compatible with a wide range of internet protocols and cipher techniques. Its most significant features include high security, quality emulation, strong session management, highly intuitive interface and helpful automation tools. It is very comfortable to use due to its simple options.










Software description

Terminal emulation is easier to do using SecureCRT and provides excellent emulation stability. It is available for Linux, Mac, and Windows. Besides, it has reliable encryption, so your computer and data are secured. It uses intense encryption standards, so no matter how complicated the things you do, you can guarantee total security.

It is available for different computer architectures and OS versions. The developers are always working to make the tool always up-to-date. There is still an update and fix, so you will still experience smooth and fast terminal emulation. SecureCRT is an excellent tool for your terminal emulation needs.

What are the critical features of SecureCRT?

  • Cross-platform
  • Support for different computer architecture
  • Backward compatibility with older OS versions
  • Keyword highlights
  • Multi-tasking
  • Support for true colors
  • Terminal logs
  • Support Hex view

Major features of SecureCRT


SecureCRT is available on all major computer platforms. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using a Mac, Windows, or Linux machines; you can fully utilize SecureCRT. It’s free and open-source so that anyone can enjoy it. A community of users is always testing and sharing tips, so everyone gets to unlock its functionalities fully.

Support for different computer architecture

SecureCRT supports different computer architecture. It is available for 32 and 64-bit computers. There are corresponding versions of the program that’s suited and specially developed for a different architecture. There are also bundles for when you want to use the companion tool SecureFX.

Backward compatibility with older OS versions

SecureCRT supports older versions of computer operating systems. It works on versions of macOS high-sierra and later, or different flavors of Linux. You can guarantee that SecureCRT will be compatible with your machine. Enjoy and download SecureCRT today!

Keyword highlight

You can configure SecureCRT to highlight the keywords of specific commands. When you use a different terminal type from another OS, SecureCRT will automatically detect and highlight the keywords for you. It increases readability and makes it easier to edit. Examples of keywords are IP addresses, log files, errors, and many more.


You can use windows and tabs to multi-task. Open two windows side-by-side to compare scripts and logs. It is easier to work on two versions of records on two terminals and point out or modify something. Tabs can be vertical or horizontal so that you will have a more comfortable viewing angle.

Support for true colors

Unlike the default terminals of most operating systems, SecureCRT supports true colors. Yes, you read it right. You can display up to 256 or 24-bit colors of Xterm true colors on the terminal.

Terminal logs

You can view the terminal logs on the application’s interface. The system will record the app’s activities and gather them into an easy-to-manage and view list. You can benefit from this feature if in case you’re trying to review or track down something. You’ll indeed thank that your terminal emulator has a great log management feature built-in.

Support Hex view

SecureCRT supports Hex view. It can display the hex data from your terminals. It analyzes and captures data from sessions and connections, which makes it more comfortable when you’re working on multiple sessions that are all serial.

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