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Create attractive presentations, flowcharts and technical drawings with more than 1,500 ready-made templates. SmartDraw is a quick and easy-to-use Windows utility, which allows you to create presentations, flowcharts and technical drawings in a professional manner. The program features about 1,500 attractive templates, formatting options, rotation and tool bars.

Software details

Windows 10 / Windows 11

Software description

SmartDraw is the best available option to create presentations, flowcharts and technical drawings in a more creative way. The program features about one thousand five hundred ready to use templates, sixty thousand symbols, more than 1,200 industry specific templates, formatting options, rotation and tool bars. It integrates well with Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

What is new?

A text processing software is not enough to create a flowchart or graph. You may require some advanced software like Smart Draw to create illustrations, calendars and technical drawings very easily. The program was designed to streamline the process of creating. Smart Draw creates plans and presentations quickly with adequate photos and illustrations. The Smart draw can be used as an independent drawing tool and allows the user to save the work in various extensions such as PEG, PDF, HTML and AutoCAD Interchange. The latest release of the software offers integration with Microsoft Office and SharePoint.

Help and support

The company offers customer care in different forms. Phone support is available during business hours. Customers can exchange emails with the company for technical assistance. However, it is also possible to contact them through the web embedded contact form. Video tutorials are also available from the official website.

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