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Sonma Typing Expert is a software that helps users to improve their fluency and typing skills and speed in English language and Hindu. It has features designed specifically to enhance that core aim.








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Software description

Sonma Typing Expert Typing Expert is a software that enhance learning, improving fluency and typing speed of English language and Hindu. This software has digital Hindu keyboard. It also has an English ordinary typing QWERTY keyboard. This software is fully equipped with necessary resources you need to learn to improve fluency and typing speed of both English and Hindu.

Sonma Typing Expert has a population of different tests that help you to assess your fluency. This tests and quizzes are designed to test different capabilities. To test your fluency, the quizzes contain letters, words, simple sentences, complex sentences and even paragraphs. You have a limited time to read those quizzes correctly. Continuous repetition and practice improves your fluency greatly. With time you become a fluent speaker of English or Hindu. Furthermore, it improves your typing skills. The quizzes give you a timed duration to type certain content. It emphasize on repetition to help you master where each letter is on the keyboard. You improve your typing skill with time due to frequent working with both English and Hindu keyboards.

Sonma Typing Expert is an easy to use software. It has a simple interface which guarantees each user a great experience. To enhance it’s usage and access, the software has tutorials for download. The tutorials help beginners to understand important and basic aspects of the software. The tutorial vary from simple once to more advanced ones which gives detailed information and guidance to users who wish to do more with the software.

In addition, Sonma Typing Expert is a free application available for download for windows users. There is frequent update of the software to equip it with latest tools and features that will meet users needs. The speed tests are recorded by the software. You can review your tests and quizzes and get to know if you are progressing or not. The saved data also helps to remind you what you have already done and what you have not yet done. This will help you to avoid repeating the aspects you are already through with.

Furthermore, Sonma Typing Expert and has a great feature compilation. It allows you to master two different keyboard at the same time. It is designed in a way that there is a smooth transition from one keyboard to another. With just a single click on the keyboard, you switch from English keyboard to Hindu keyboard and vice verse. The keyboard have distinct letters for fast and accurate typing. It emphasizes on typing speed with limited or no errors since there is less time to carry out the changes.

Typing tests on Sonma Typing Expert are systematic. They vary from simple and easy ones to complex one’s. They help you grow typing skills step by step.

You begin by doing easy tests and quizzes as you progress to more advanced. This help you build a foundation in typing. This can also give you a good headstart on typing. You may participate in typing contest with ease and even win.

However, Sonma Typing Expert is quite expensive. It is only available to windows device users. This mean people with laptops and computers with different operating systems can’t access and use this software. It is also limited to two language which makes it unsuitable to be used globally.

Lastly, Sonma Typing Expert is a great typing tool that enable users improve typing skills in two different languages using different keyboards. It assess learners progress by keeping record of the tests they has done. You can easily use this software because it has a simple interface. This means any person can use it without any challenge. It is easy to

navigate through it without any difficulty. It also offers free tutorial for beginners. It gives them a smooth start off to understanding how to use bilingual typing.

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