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SpeedFan is a free software designed for Windows users to monitor and control the fan speed of their PCs.

Software description

SpeedFan provides real-time information about your CPU, mainboard temperature, cooling fans speeds in specific areas, and other system components such as Hard Disks Drive temperatures. This program helps to ensure that PC overheating does not become an issue because the temperature sensors inside your computer. It acquires the data at fast speeds compared to what you can manually do with measurement devices or thermometers. Furthermore, it is also able to automatically adjust the fan settings on certain types of computers where appropriate hardware exists. SpeedFan also has a great user interface which makes it much easier than ever before when attempting to assess hardware conditions.

Intelligent Temperature Control

One of the best aspects of SpeedFan is the intelligent temperature control feature. With advanced sensors, it continuously monitors the temperature in the room. In summer days as temperatures rise, SpeedFan ramps up its energy, creating a powerful cool air to fight the hot. In cooler weather it reduces the speed to provide the comfort of your home without exaggerated cooling. The intelligent control of temperature does not ensure the best comfort. It also saves energy by cutting down on the unnecessary use of power. With SpeedFan, you can enjoy an ideal balance between the cooling process and the efficiency of energy. It controls through its intelligent thermostat feature.

Smart Connectivity and Voice Control

The explosion of technology that is intelligent demands cutting-edge solutions to provide enhanced connectivity that is used in daily life.  SpeedFan which comes with intelligent capabilities that enable seamless wireless connectivity in any home environment. The control options manage with confidence using tablets and mobile devices even when off -site due to its innovative remote access capability. It has a unique compatibility feature that provides the ability to support popular voice assistants like Alexa & Google assistant user commands. It allows the fan to adjust speeds, settings, or switch off or on voice control, without leaving a physical mark on the device.

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