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Stumble Guys is a game that takes the best of both worlds and blends them together for a unique and addicting experience. If you love games like Crossy Road or Temple Run, you’ll enjoy Stumble Guys just as much if not more. With its easy to learn controls and challenging gameplay, it’s sure to keep you entertained for hours on end.

Software details

Android / Windows 11

Software description

Available for the Android, iOS, and Microsoft Windows platforms, the Stumble Guys app is a creation of the Finnish video game development and production studio Kitka Games. Since its release on February 12, 2021, this multiplayer computer game has garnered more than 100 million consumer downloads. The game is free to play on desktops and laptops as well as mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

A Short Description of Stumble Guys


Described by Kitka Games as a “party knockout game,” Stumble Guys allows as many as 32 players to compete in the same online game at the same time. In fact, players compete in three rounds of always-changing action, facing a broad spectrum of insane obstacles and challenges. Mulitple players face elimination during each round. At the end of the third and final round, a single victor is crowned champion.

The competition in Stumble Guys takes the form of a battle royale that pits each player against all others. As play progresses, players continually cycle through a variety of colorful worlds with wildly different competitive arenas. Although the obstacles and challenges change considerably from round to round, the ultimate objective of each competition generally falls into one of two categories. Players strive to either finish a race ahead of all competitors or remain the last player standing on a specific field of confrontation.

Players compete by running, jumping, tumbling, and sliding within each competitive setting. Anyone who hits an obstacle, falls off a platform, or otherwise stumbles in this highly challenging game is placed at a disadvantage and may run the risk of elimination.

Each round of Stumble Guys presents a dazzling array of arena and/or racecourse obstacles including rolling balls, revolving doors, blasting cannons, falling tiles, shooting lasers, and rotating logs. It is important to remember, however, that other players tend to present the most dangerous challenges on any given level of play.

Although games of Stumble Guys consist of just three rounds, these rounds may take place in one of 20 different competitive settings. The Stumble Guys homepage features each of these competitive settings on a scrolling banner at the bottom of the screen. Because their thumbnail depictions resemble maps, Stumble Guys have come to use the word “map” when referring to each of these unique races/play arenas. Here are all 20 of the otherworldly maps in the Stumble Guys universe:

  • Humble Stumble
  • Jungle Roll
  • Icy Heights
  • Honey Drop
  • Space Race
  • Pivot Push
  • Cannon Climb
  • Bombardment
  • Tile Fall
  • Floor Flip
  • Pivot Push
  • Block Dash
  • Lava Rush
  • Lost Temple
  • Paint Splash
  • Laser Tracer
  • Spin Go-Round
  • Super Slide
  • Stumble Soccer
  • Capture the Flag

How to Play Stumble Guys


Incredibly intuitive, Stumble Guys allows users to quickly learn how to play while they are playing. The game begins by simply pressing or clicking on the “play” button. The scroll of maps will automatically begin turning like a slot machine display, rotating through all 20 Stumble Guys competitive settings before landing on one at random. This will be the competitive setting for the first round of the game.

All 32 players will see a timer that begins to count down from “3.” When it ends at “0” they must quickly race or otherwise maneuver themselves to victory. The performance stakes are high because only half of round one players will move on to round two.

Featuring different randomly chosen maps, round two and round three follow procedures that are similar to round one. Only the eight best finishing players make it past round two, and only one player emerges victorious at the end of round three.

Features of Stumble Guys

One of the best features of Stumble Guys is its extreme ease of play. Consisting of just a basic virtual joystick and jump button, the game’s controls make it quite simple to run in any direction while maneuvering to overcome obstacles and place other players in strategic peril.

Stumble Guys is also notable for the diversity and complexity of its avatars. With many characteristics to choose among, players can make an avatar that looks like them. They can also exercise their imaginations to be virtually anything that they want to be. Humanlike avatars are available with a range of skin tones, outfits, and facial features/expressions. As the game progresses, players can either purchase or earn gold stars that they can use to unlock a library of avatar skins that covers nearly every kind of uniform or article of clothing you can imagine. You can even take the form of an alien from space, a beast from mythical legend, your favorite dinosaur, and much, much more.

Stumble Guys’ crazy art design and comically physical play are two other aspects that help it stand out within a thoroughly overstuffed video game market. Evoking a playfully cartoonish wonderland, its graphics are vividly colorful and incredibly compelling. The laws of physics that govern this wonderland are also quite amazing, allowing players to jump, bounce, drift, and slide with movements that combine the grace of the Olympic arena with the goofiness of a bouncy castle. This makes Stumble Guys a great place to see tons of hilarious video game fails.

Stumble Guys Tips and Tricks


To get the absolute most out of Stumble Guys, players should be aware of a few simple maneuvers and hacks that can greatly enhance play. Although it is extremely easy and intuitive to move in any direction using the joystick controller and jump into the air using the button controller, players can add another dimension to play by employing the slide.  Although any player can quickly learn to slide by just double clicking the jump button, far too many new players simply don’t know that this maneuver is possible. Sliding is very useful for moving under obstacles, but players cannot do it if they are on muddy terrain.

Players can also benefit sticking around as spectators after they have been eliminated from play as competitors. It may be tempting to simply leave the game when you fail to make it past round one or round two, but eliminated players are welcome to watch the remainder of the game to learn new moves, experience new strategies, and (perhaps most importantly) preview maps that they haven’t previously played. In addition to offering practical advantages, watching games is often quite entertaining thanks to Stumble Guys high-energy and comical play.

In Conclusion

Thanks to its diverse competitive settings, its full avatar customization, its vibrantly colorful graphics, its simple yet nuanced controls, and its highly spirited play, Stumble Guys is a whole lot of fun for people of all ages. It’s a unique thrill to outpace and outlast 32 competitors to emerge at the top of the heap!