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Summertime Saga is a novela story based game about a teenager boy. He has to survive after facing many challenges. He has to perform different tasks to earn money. The teenager uses the money to settle fathers debt, pay fees, buy new gadgets and many more.

Software description

Summertime Saga is a novels based story game whose protagonist is a teenager boy. The boy is on the verge of adolescence and so many events happen to him at once. The storyline begins when their mother dies. Their father finds him and her sister a step mother. Their father also owes a certain mafia gang a lot of money. Following his father’s assassination by the mafia gang, the boy is forced to pay his fathers debt. The boy is the player in Summertime Saga and he has to perform several tasks to earn money. He would then settle his father’s debt.

As Summertime Saga begins, the boy wakes up to find her mother ready to leave for town for a two week job. The boy is to be left alone to decide what to do. He is school going and he pays his own school fee. To do that, he has to complete tasks and some part time jobs. He even looked after neighbors garden over summer and he received payment The boy is a teenager and therefore he interacts with as many people as he wishes. He can flirt with any girl he wishes and must be very tactical in his approach. Successful flirting will attract a reward.

The boy can use the rewards collected to buy a house at the beach. Since it’s summer, he can hook up with any girl he flirted with successfully. Some of the money collected can be spent on his sister too. Back at home, the boy has outdated, old and sometimes faulty gadgets. The boy’s sister keep on reprimanding him. The boy can discard them and buy new one’s once he gets money. Summertime Saga is generally about how a teenager copes up with life and how he satisfy his or her needs.

Summertime Saga has amazing graphic designs. They are 3D and animated. Summertime Saga is complex and detailed but it has simple controls. Summertime Saga comes in two modes. The first one is clean mode. This mode requires your time and attention to complete. It involved following instructions and implementing them. You have to listen to conversations and from them comprehend tasks you need to perform and how you can do them effectively.

This is actually clean money earned by hard work. There is also a cheat mode. This mode does not require a lot of effort because a lot has already been done for you. You don’t have to listen to lengthy and boring conversations. The player receive hints on what to do and how to do it. Summertime Saga also skips those very challenging tasks. Actually you can complete a lot of tasks within a short time. Money earned is not completely legit as it involved many short cuts.

In addition, at school the principal calls you and talks about your performance. It’s clear that most of your grades are low and this may cost you a lot. You may not receive a certificate. This is a wake up call to work hard to improve your grades. You have to complete tasks successfully to improve the grades. This will then guarantee you a certificate at the end of the course. Summertime Saga has almost 30 locations.

You can move freely to this locations to find tasks and complete them. The game has a map to guide. Furthermore you are a teenager and need to be strong and attractive. You need to visit a gym to do workouts that will improve your looks and body structure. Summertime Saga is free to access and use. The game is for adults alone above 18 years.

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