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TapTap is a free app for the gamer community available through GooglePlay and Apple. No matter what game you play or what your favorite genre is, you can communicate with other gamers, veterans, and game creators. Find new games, unlock your potential with your favorite games, and exchange interesting information with others that enjoy the same thing as you. 

Software description

TapTap is a native-Chinese created download for mobile devices. After downloading the app, gamers can choose the appropriate language. The default language is Chinese, but users can quickly switch to Korean or English. When playing downloads found on the game, you can play in the default language or switch to your native language.

Unique Content for Your Feed

When you set up your TapTap feed, you’ll answer questions to help build your feed to give you the most relevant content. This means your feed will include information relevant to your favorite games and genres. You can customize your feed by following your favorite games, gamers, and creators. The app also has a search function that allows you to easily find exactly what you’re looking for in a game.

Discover Your Next Favorite Game

Also, in your feed, you’ll find information about new and exciting games. The wide use of this app means gamers might find games through this app that aren’t featured anywhere else. The online catalog is extensive and features a variety of games from different genres. These games will be similar genres to your favorites, so it won’t take long to find a game you want to play.

Connect with Other Gamers

There’s a chat for every topic you can imagine when you join TapTap. If you like to trade memes, you can find them. If you want to share your opinions or get opinions from others, you can do that too. There are even secret forums to join regarding certain topics. If you aren’t interested in certain topics, you can easily ignore those feeds and engage with the ones that interest you most.

Trust Industry Gurus

The editorial staff at TapTap are trusted gamers. These industry veterans are respected in their field and communicate in the forums and feeds. With respected professionals on the team, gamers like you can trust that you’re getting good information you can trust.

Get Sneak Peeks and be the First to Know about Exclusive Events

As a TapTap user, you’ll get first access to new information. You’ll get sneak peeks at new games and new releases and be one of the first to learn about exclusive events.

Enjoy Social Sharing with Other Gamers

Unique to the TapTap community is its social sharing options. Social sharing allows gamers to share video images and illustrations easily. Doing this allows gamers to create relationships based on similar interests.

TapTap is Safe to Use

TapTap regularly monitors the downloads available on the app to prevent dangerous software from being released. With this safety measure, users can download content freely without worrying about viruses and other malicious software.

If you love to game, you’ll love being part of the gamer community on TapTap. The wide range of languages available ensures users will be able to reach people all over the world that have the same interests as them.

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