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TradingView is an awesome online platform that is designed for traders and investors to analyze financial markets in one hub.

Software description

TradingView lets you create customizable interactive charts to visualize market data in real time or historically. You can toggle between chart types like candlestick, area, line, and add all indicators and drawing tools for in-depth analysis. It’s way more robust than just looking at basic stock tickers. Traders can also use TradingView’s resources to research assets, execute paper and live trades through linked brokerages. For social types, TradingView has a huge community of investors sharing ideas and strategies on charts in the social feed. You can discuss and dissect the markets with fellow traders from around the world. In addition, trade execution and social features, TradingView aims to provide an all-in-one hub for every aspect of traders’ workflows. Its wide array of customizable tools allows both new and experienced investors to leverage insights and make informed trading decisions. Finally, the Economic Calendar ensures traders are informed of relevant events.

Advanced Charts

One of TradingView’s biggest strengths is the advanced interactive charts it offers for analyzing financial markets. You start by picking an asset class and symbol – say AAPL stock. The charts visualize price action and market data in real time or for any custom historical period. You can easily toggle between chart types like candlestick, line, bars, area charts and more depending on your analysis needs. TradingView really shines with its huge array of indicators and drawing tools for additional insights. Add momentum oscillators, moving averages, Fibonacci retracements, trend lines, and tons more onto the charts. Finally, you can also write scripts to build custom indicators in Pine Script.


The Backtesting feature in TradingView allows traders to test the historical performance of trading strategies before risking capital. It provides users input strategy logic like buy/sell rules, position sizing, stop losses, etc. TradingView evaluates how the strategy would have performed by replaying historical price data. In addition, it provides key metrics like profit/loss, win rate, risk management and more are calculated. Users can combine multiple criteria for robustness testing. Traders can change a strategy’s rules and re-backtest until optimal before real-time deployment. Backtesting provides an empirical approach to building robust systems and managing risk. It lets traders validate ideas against past market behavior before committing money. The global coverage and real-time data in TradingView empower comprehensive backtesting across asset classes. Whether evaluating basic ideas or complex algorithms, the backtesting capabilities help traders enter markets with historically-proven strategies.

Integration with Brokers

You can connect your existing brokerage account or open a new one with a supported broker partner of TradingView. Over 50 brokerages are available including big names like Coinbase, TD Ameritrade, Robinhood, and eToro. Once connected, you can execute actual trades on the markets you’re analyzing in TradingView’s charts and interface. Buy and sell orders can be placed with the click of a button. The integrations support many asset classes too – stocks, options, futures, forex, and crypto. Portfolio balances, positions, and account history can sync between your brokerage and TradingView for consolidated tracking.

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