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If you’ve been looking to switch from a paid streaming service to an unpaid one, you might wonder where to start. Thankfully, Tubi is a reliable free streaming website and app that is safe and easy to use. Read our article below to see if switching to Tubi is the right move for you.

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Android / mac / Windows 11

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What is Tubi?

Tubi is a streaming app that differentiates itself from the pack by being free of charge. Since the app does not charge users to watch shows and movies on it, they do run advertisements regularly as users stream content. Still, many find it easier to pay with their time than their hard-earned cash, so it’s a worthwhile exchange for many.

What features does Tubi have?

Tubi allows users to watch a wide range of television shows and movies from their favorite devices as long as they’ve downloaded the app. It also has a kids’ section to make family-friendly television options easily accessible to parents and their little ones.

While Tubi is a free service, that doesn’t mean that they lack quality in streaming. They feature popular shows such as Dance Moms, Hell’s Kitchen, and The Masked Singer. For the kiddos in the family, they have a dedicated selection of children’s shows to keep tots entertained. Beyond providing content, Tubi features compatibility with the majority of mobile and web devices.

Between desktop, iOS, and Android operating systems, Tubi works equally well on all of these types of devices. This means that you can watch Tubi on your mobile phone on the go or on your computer when you have a night inside away from the town.

How is it different from other streaming apps?

The main difference between Tubi and other streaming apps like Netflix and Hulu is obviously the price point. Even the least expensive streaming apps still cost money. Over time, paying for streaming services can add up and become costly. Whether money is tight or you are just trying to put more money towards other things you enjoy, cutting out paid streaming services and opting for an unpaid one like Tubi can be a smart choice.

Tubi does not offer all of the movies and television shows that Hulu or HBO Max or Netflix do. Still, any streaming service you choose will have some movies and shows you enjoy and lack others that are among your favorites. Unless you have a show that you follow faithfully on another platform, transitioning to Tubi from paid streaming services should be a breeze.

Another difference between Tubi and free streaming apps is that it is completely “above board,” legitimate, and secure. While there are plenty of places on the internet where you can stream free movies, they aren’t all legal or safe.

Many websites that promise free film and T.V. show streaming deliver dubious downloads and downright malicious viruses. Tubi is a risk-free alternative to these kinds of sites with the benefits of free viewing minus the risk of infecting or damaging your device with malware.

What are the main kinds of shows on Tubi?

Tubi features all kinds of shows. From crime dramas like Forensic Files to beloved comedies like Dinner with the Schmucks to children’s favorites like Kung Fu Panda, Tubi has a little taste of just about every genre.

How much does Tubi cost?

As we mentioned above, Tubi is totally free. The only potential “cost” for Tubi is the time users spend watching ads.