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TurboFTP is an intuitive application for transfer of files by using FTP and SFTP protocols for secure data sharing. It can easily perform required operations even in the presence of Firewall and proxy servers. It is capable of transporting large files and folders between virtual host and local computer.

Software description

Are you in the market for an excellent FTP tool for your file transfer and website needs? TurboFTP got you covered. TubroFTP is a potent and secure tool to manage tasks regarding FTP. Whether you’re casually importing a file to a different directory or building a file system for your website, it can adapt to your needs.

TurboFTP is equipped with many features that are very useful for different scenarios. It’s very secure, so your data will not be compromised during transmissions. Also, it comes with extend features such as automation and encryption to improve your experience further.

TurboFTP – Highlight functions

  • Monitor directory changes
  • Transmission security
  • Automation and transfer scheduling
  • Folder selection for sync
  • File compression
  • Encryption
  • Firewall
  • Supports large and sophisticated files
  • Integration with built-in files explorer

TurboFTP: What should you expect?

Monitor directory changes

It is possible to star and watch a specific directory. If a folder is monitored, the changes made inside it will be logged and displayed for the user. The changes include newly created, deleted, modified, and viewed files. There are also small statistics regarding a few details of files and other data inside the directory.

Transmission security

TurboFTP is capable of securing the files and folders you transmit through the network. It employs several security standards, such as SSL and TSL connections. Files are protected along the way so that no other parties can intercept them. Besides,

Automation and transfer scheduling

If you have a regular schedule for transmitting files, you can automate things. Once scheduled, the process will execute every day automatically. It will save you more time and, in turn, makes you work more efficiently.

You can also use scripts or configure some settings to automate things. For instance, you can set a command that will start an action if a trigger has appeared or made by the system. It is useful when a process needs to have an input that is not always present on a directory.

Folder selection for sync

You can preselect folders that you want to sync automatically. If the user has made a selected folder change, TurboFTP will detect it and perform a corresponding action. It will make sure that your files are safe and always in sync. In case there’s a drive failure, there will be a lesser risk of data corruption and loss.

File compression

Before sending a file to a server or external storage device, you can choose to encrypt it to improve security. Recovery speed shouldn’t be a concern since it will be relatively fast. Compressed files can remain in their current state or be automatically decompressed after arriving in the destination folder.


Files and folders can be encrypted, adding another layer of security for transmission. Only the users or devices with the passkey can unlock and view the content of the packets.


TurboFTP has a built-in firewall to ensure that no malware and attackers can infiltrate the network and steal valuable files and data. FIles and other relevant entities in your system might contain sensitive data; therefore, it’s a no-brainer to protect them.

Supports large and sophisticated files

If you’re worried about having a size cap for your file uploads, you shouldn’t. TurboFTP bypasses the limitations of most file systems and lets users send large files as they want.

Integration with built-in files explorer

It integrates with the built-in file explorer so that you can send and upload files directly inside it. There’s no need to click and open other applications; it just works quickly.

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