Ubuntu 22.04

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Ubuntu is a community developed, linux-based operating system. It is a secure, intuitive, super-fast and great-looking operating system that powers desktops, servers, netbooks and laptops.

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Ubuntu is a fantastic, open-source operating system fronted by Linux. It is designed for servers, IoT, cloud, and desktop use. Its appealing user interface and enhanced security have contributed to its surging popularity. The following are its core highlights.

Enhanced Security

Ubuntu is an open-source operating system that requires no pirating. Its open-source structure makes it accessible to most people. It also boasts built-in security that will update automatically. In addition, it has a default configuration tool called UFW, which allows you to create IPv4 and IPv6 host-based firewalls.

Further, this operating system requires no anti-virus. This is not to say that it is immune to malware. However, it is significantly less susceptible.

Multiple Theme Variants

You’ll choose from three Yaru theme variants: standard, dark, and light. Changing between these theme variants requires no additional applications, including Gnome Tweaks. Instead, it is embedded in the settings application.

At the same time, new Ubuntu versions allow you to hide the dock permanently. You will use an application called Extensions to handle this task.

Comprehensive Software Repository

Ubuntu has a vast repository that gives you access to multiple applications, including Office software, Chromium browser, and media and media players. Accessing this repository is free and secure.

This repository allows you to access apps from a centralized source. It ensures that the process is seamless and convenient, downloading apps with a few clicks.

Fractional Scaling

Fractional scaling allows you to choose the size of a program, primarily according to needs. This feature gives you more control of your screen, font size, and images. This OS allows you to scale a program by between 100 and 200%, suiting your eyes.

Multiple Desktops

Ubuntu allows you to switch between workspaces more effortlessly. You can create multiple workspaces that act like different virtual desktops. The idea is to improve navigation and minimize clutter.

This operating system is an excellent choice for desktops. Its multiple features enhance convenience, security, and seamlessness. In brief, it is worth your money.