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Python is an OOP programming language like Java. It uses code elements that are interchangeable instead of a single long list of instructions. Its standard implementation is CPython, and it is the default implementation of python that is widely used.









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Python refers to a high level, multipurpose programming language. A good number of programmers use this language to build websites and software, automate tasks, and carry out data analysis. Furthermore, the language is important when it comes to creating different types of programs as it does not have limitations for any particular problems. Its versatility, together with its beginner friendliness, it emerges as one of the most utilized programming language today.

According to the Stack Overflow survey in 2022, it identified Python as the fourth most familiar programming language. A large number of respondents said that they use this language approximately 50 percent of the time in their development work. Python and Rust are high demand technology according to the survey results. In addition, around 18 % of developers who are not using it already says that they are ready to learn Python.

The creator of Python is Guido van Rossum. Python’s initial appearance was in late 1980s. Rossum’s invention was to eliminate ABC programming language which ran on Amoeba operating system. Until 2018, Rossum was working on its implementation since 1989.

The name Python is due to its ability to read BBC comedy script, “Monty Python’s Flying Circus”. The initial release was in 1994 under version 1.0, that is, Python 1.0. The second one was in 2000 under version 2.0, or Python 2.0, with additional features such as collection systems, and comprehensions.

Python has several features that makes it popular among many programmer’s. For instance, it is free and open source. The language is freely available at the official website and you can download and install it from the available links. By open source code, it means that the source code is accessible. Therefore, users can download it, use it, and also share it.

Since Python is a high level programming language, it is easier to learn than other languages like C, C #, JavaScript, Java, and others. Additionally, it is very simple to code using this language, and any individual can learn its basics in a short period of time. You can learn it in few hours or days. Besides, it is a developer friendly language.

Most importantly, Python language is portable. This means that if you develop a code in Windows, and you want to run the same code on other platforms like Linux, Mac, or Unix you do not have to change it. That is, you can Python Code on any platform. With Python, there are some stages that you must adhere to.

The first stage is the code editor; this is where you write your source code. This code is in human readable form according to python’s syntax principles. This is where the execution of the program begins. The second stage is source code, this is where the written code goes as .py file in a system. It houses instructions for the computer.

In compilation stage, Python assembles a source code into a byte code. During this process, the compiler investigates for syntax errors. After investigating all the errors, if there are no errors, it then produces a .pyc file that has bytecode. The second last stage is the Python Virtual Machine, the main runtime engine of Python.

It reads, interpret, and execute the bytecode file line by line. It translates byte code into machine code; the binary language made of 0s, and 1s. The last stage is running the program; here the CPU runs the machine code from PVM, and the primary result of the program emerges as performing task, and computation according to the code from the editor stage.

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