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You may want to create backups of CDs/DVDs, edit or add new content, or mount ISO image files. This is when UltraISO can prove to be a great tool in your arsenal.

Software description

Many times, you may need to create a backup of content on CDs or DVDs. So, even if the original disc stops working, you can still watch and access data present on it. With the help of UltraISO, you can achieve this all.

The user-friendly software creates, edits, unpacks, or mounts ISO image files on your behalf. It works for all scenarios – whether you intend to create backups of a movie or professional software from a DVD.

Then its main features are support for around 30 file formats and the speed at which it performs these tasks. Available for Windows OS, this tool’s free version enables you to process ISO images of up to 300 MB.

Introduction to Its Features

The prominent feature of UltraISO is its compatibility with ISO images and the ability to process them.

First, this software can create ISO files so you can transfer file/folder content from system hard disk to a CD/DVD. Then it enables mounting these ISO images on a removable disc.

So, once your ISO image is ready, this tool can mount it to a disc. Apart from this, it can burn files and folders directly to your DVD or USB.

Another useful feature of this software is that it can help prepare bootable CDs and DVDs. And it can assist you with transferring data from a disk to computer.

Compatibility and Formats

It’s worth mentioning that UltraISO comes with support for a myriad of DVD/CD file formats. Some of them are as follows:

  • IMG
  • HFS
  • BIN
  • NRG
  • MDS
  • And BWI to name a few.

Additionally, it uses a special proprietary format – ISZ. It compresses data of a file or folder with zlib or bzip2. Then uses an effective encryption method like AES-128, 192, or 256. Lastly, the software can mount this file format on an authorized disc.

User Interface

The software developers primarily focused on its functionality. Thus, its user interface is laid back. Though it’s equipped with all the features you need.

The home screen is divided into multiple sections for different operations. You can browse the system directory to choose files or discs. Then a dedicated section displays contents of selected folders or discs so you can carry out tasks. Also, the menu bar includes menu options with drop-down menus to create ISOs, extract disc content, and so much more.

Performance and Reliability

Overall, UltraISO is a really safe app to use. It is also completely free of any adware which further reduces the risk of malware attacks. But when using it with external discs, make sure you thoroughly scan them with an anti-virus tool. An effective antivirus tool ensures those items are malware-free as well.

It’s capable of efficiently converting files across formats without loss of data or quality.

When it comes to performance, the good thing is this tool is relatively faster than its many competitors. The speed at which it processes files is quite impressive too.

Pricing Options

UltraISO is available in two versions: Free trial and Premiums versions. The free version is accessible to home users for free. But you can’t use it for processing ISO images or files bigger than 300 MB. As for the premium version, it offers extra features for a price of $29.95.

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