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Uninstall Tool is a great choice for users to keep their PCs safe and free from all the unwanted files. It saves your time and improves your system performance. You can install it or use it through your USB flash drive. With its simple and modern look, it can be used easily without any difficulties.









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Software description

Removing applications and other programs on your computer can be easy and quick. However, uninstalling applications isn’t always easy to do in Windows. Even after deletion, many programs will leave traces of files and other metadata that are hard to find or remove. The built-in deletion process on your computer doesn’t always work. Worse, there are some cases that you have to wait for a couple of minutes to complete removing a program.

Uninstall Tool is highly reputed as a useful and reliable tool to remove applications and their corresponding data from your computer. Say goodbye to the painful uninstalling process and other relevant issues.

Uninstall Tool – What can it do?

  • Completely delete applications and data
  • Installation monitoring
  • Startup programs control
  • Lightweight and well-developed
  • Force uninstall
  • Batch processing

Uninstall Tool – Explanation of functionalities

Completely delete applications and data.

Unlike your typical app removal, Uninstall Tool will completely delete the entire app and the files it aggregated throughout its operation. Uninstall Tool will scan your computer’s directory and removes the files and data matching the particular program. By doing so, your machine’s local disk will not be filled with garbage data. It means that you will have more space to store essential files and applications.

Installation monitoring

Uninstall Tool will monitor the installations performed on your computer. It will log all the newly installed programs, uninstalled ones, and changes. It tracks the registry to show a detailed report on the new registry files. It will show what applications had created or accessed the registry to create different useful tips and information.

Startup programs control

Uninstall Tool allows you to control the startup applications on your computer. Choose what programs will execute immediately after a restart. There are many benefits that users can get with this feature. First, your computer will not lag from the start after a restart since applications will be regulated. Next, you can prioritize programs that you mainly use to be ready for you every time you open your computer. Indeed, it’s a nifty feature that will probably save you time.

Force uninstall

There are some cases where an application refuses to remove itself even when you wanted it to be. It purposely shows wrong reasons or issues to justify its trick to be irremovable. Also, some applications are required for other programs to run well. In turn, these extensions, like applications, can’t be removed.

Uninstall Tool will help users deal with this problem. It creates workarounds and forces your system to uninstall a particular application. Save yourself from harmful applications and utilize the power of Uninstall Tool today!

Batch processing

If you have so many applications that you want to be removed from your computer, you can easily manage them with Uninstall Tool. There is no need to select a program and manually remove each of them individually. It will probably take more time since Windows applications are notorious for annoying users once they know they’re going to be uninstalled. It’s a common trick done by developers to discourage you from removing their application from your machine. Some users give up and let the application sit on their computer while being completely unused. Over time it will hog the device and, worse, perform malicious tasks without you knowing.

Lightweight and well-developed

Uninstall Tool is developed to be as lightweight as possible. It’s created to help users deal with the problems of removing applications, so it makes sense that it should be an example itself. It is also designed so that it’s easy to understand and operate for all types of users.

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